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“Amman | Palestine | Petra” Trip – Directory

This is the “table-of-contents” of my blog posts on my trip to Amman and Petra in Jordan and to the Al-Aqsa mosque and other places in Palestine. Enjoy reading it and hopefully it is useful in inspiring more people to visit the land of Palestine.

Click on the links below to read the stories 🙂

Part 1: The journey to Jerusalem, a quick stop in Amman.

Part 2: The border crossing into Israel, the first glimpse of Jerusalem.  

Part 3: The Beautiful Al-Aqsa Mosque

Part 4: Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Compound 

Part 5: The Old City of Jerusalem

Part 6: Hebron & Bethlehem

Part 7: The Magical Petra

I will not hesitate to suggest Andalusia Travel if you are interested to visit Palestine. The guide we had, Pn. Hjh Shalina and Mr Mahmood were not only knowledgeable and friendly but also professional in managing the complexity of of the border crossing to Palestine from Jordan 🙂

Enjoy and till next time, with new destination~!

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