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Delicious Halal Food in Taipei #FunTaipei

Taipei has long been a popular choice among tourists from Malaysia. However when it comes to attracting Muslim visitors from this country, many Malaysians still prefer to go to Korea and Japan. One of the most common reasons that I always here is it is easier to get halal food in these 2 countries.

Realising this, the local Taipei tourism authorities has increased their efforts to ensure tourism products in Taipei are Muslim-friendly which enables Muslim visitors to equally enjoy the “Fun Taipei” experience.

After being in Taipei for 4 days and meeting people from the Government, tour guides, halal restaurant operators and representatives of the Grand Mosque, it is safe to conclude that halal food has always been available but it is only recently that more awareness are created through various campaigns.

We got the chance to try out some of Taipei’s finest halal food and we thought it would be nice to share about it…


1)  Khana Khazana



This strategically located restaurant has been serving halal authentic Indian cuisines since 2012 and it is famous not only for their good food but for also being the provider of all the Indian cuisine appearing on-screen in Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi”. Bollywood meets Hollywood yo!


What to order? I highly recommend the Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori and Naan!





2) Chang’s Beef Noodle Shop



One would not leave Taipei without trying out the famous Taiwanese beef noodle. After all, this is a city that has an annual festival of its own devoted to the dish. The good news for Muslim visitors is that there is a halal version of the famous beef noodles. One of the restaurants selling it is Chang’s Beef Noodle Shop.


A delicious bowl of homemade noodle with tender and juicy beef in a clear broth soup.



Behind the scene


Besides the Beef Noodle, there are also fried and steamed dumplings as side dish. Make it a complete meal with a glass of refreshing soya bean drink.


So make sure you drop by at Chang’s Beef Noodle Shop in Zhongzheng District.



3) Hui Guan Restaurant



This restaurant in Songshan district offers the opportunity to experience a style of cooking unique to north central China, the Ningxia region to be exact. Not only it is halal but the dishes here are an experience by itself, at least for me who is not really familiar with northern Chinese cuisine.



Chef’s Specialty – Stir Fried Lamb served with Pita Bread. Delicious.


Besides that, I particularly love this crab dish.


and basically every single dish that they served. Unique and goes well with my taste bud.




4) Shaved Ice @ Ice Monster



After enjoying all those spices from the delicious local cuisine, it is time to get something to cool the body by a notch. What better way to do this other than at a famous dessert shop in Taipei – the Ice Monster.


Named by CNN as one of the top 10 desserts in the world, shaved ice at Ice Monster is a must-try item particularly its signature item – Mango shaved Ice. A generous portion of shaved ice topped with fresh mango, mango syrup, condensed milk, and mango sorbet.




5) Halal Food @ City Suites Taipei



We stayed at Taipei Nandong City Suites for 2 nights and we able to experience the Halal/Muslim friendly food catered by the hotel. Therefore it is worth to consider staying at Muslim friendly hotels like City Suites if you want easy access to halal food.

The breakfast area – complete with a separate area and plates for Muslim guests that require halal food.


We were also hosted for a grand course-by-course dinner at this hotel.


Another round of delicious local cuisine! So if you’re in a big group or corporate travellers, this is an option for you to entertain your Muslim guests or employees.






6) Halal Food @ Atami Hotel



Situated outside the main streets of Taipei, this hotel and restaurant is the plac to be if you’re staying in Beitou area. We stopped here for lunch and enjoyed an array of good food hosted by the hotel. Another good option for big families or corporate who want to organise a nice relaxing retreat in Beitou with access to halal food.


Prayer mats and compass provided by the hotel even without us asking for it. Little touch like this goes a long way.




Besides these 2 hotels, there are other hotels that are now getting certified as Muslim friendly hotels. In my next post I will be sharing about the Grand Hotel which is a hotel that is an attraction by itself.

If you are planning for a trip to Taipei, do not be worried about finding halal food. For a short trip, you can easily survive by trying the places mentioned above or even explore the many streets which you will definitely bump into 1-2 halal eateries.

We found this at 7-11.


And this at a night market.


So go out there and explore!

Next post: the Grand Hotel Taipei.

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