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Part 2 of #ExcitingHongKong: Cheap thrills in Hong Kong

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A city of enduring culture, urban buzz, natural heritage and tranquil escapes. Hong Kong is an ultimate tourist destination with a perfect mix of tourist spots, shopping destinations and delicious food. From architectural creativities, to outdoor cinematic beauty, this city has all in store for its wide audience of tourists.

Among tourists, Hong Kong is famous for its theme parks where people of all age can spend and enjoy their time, but then there are numerous other wonderful spots to visit that offer a great variety of adventure and fun along with many freebies and cheap things that can be bought and relished. Let’s take a look at some of the attractions that you probably don’t want to give a miss.


1. Hong Kong Tramways-Ding Ding


Hong Kong Tramways is one of the earliest forms of public transport and the only one in the world operated exclusively with double-decker trams. These trams are not only affordable and adorable to watch, but are also a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport for the tourists to travel around the northern part of the island.


The rides cost a meager HKD$2.3 with the front and the last seats on the top deck being the best seating spot to enjoy the colorful ambience.

My wife and I spent a couple of hours hopping from one Ding Ding to another and we had fun watching busy Hong Kong in action.



2. The Garden of Stars


A popular tourist attraction in any of Hong Kong’s tourist guide book would be the statues of Bruce Lee and Anita Mui which are placed at the ‘Avenue of Star’, an area modeled on the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. However the Avenue of Stars is currently under construction and these iconic statues have been temporarily relocated to the nearby ‘The Garden of Stars’. This is the place to take photos with the commemorative statues and handprint plaques of stars that represent the Hong Kong film industry. Various exhibitions and cultural programs are also held here from time to time.

The icon of Hong Kong!


Equally famous.


Great wall art which makes a perfect backdrop for your Instagram/Facebook photos 🙂



3. The Mid-Levels Escalator


Why on earth did we visit an escalator on a holiday? Because this isn’t your usual escalator!

The Central Mid-Levels escalator is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. The entire escalator system covers around 800 meters and elevates over 135 meters through the streets linking the Central and the Western districts of the island. Daily traffic exceeds 85,000 people, making it another great place to get an insight into everyday Hong Kong life.


While the escalators are an attraction by itself, the hidden beauty of this place is the numerous small shops located on the steep terrain along the escalators. One could enjoy a nice cup of coffee or get measured for a tailor made suit. That is how random and interesting these shops are.



4. Hong Kong’s Star Ferry


This ferry service has been running since 1888 so it is a must to experience it at least once. Connecting Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, the “Star Ferry crossing” is a nice and short ride that is both affordable and fun.



5. Evening Sightseeing and Shopping


After a long day of sightseeing, spend the early evening enjoying the breeze and the lovely aerial view of Hong Kong from the ‘Victoria Peak’.  A short, but steep tram ride will bring you to one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Hong Kong. Looking down, you can encapsulate the whole of Hong Kong in a panoramic view.


After enjoying the scenic beauty, a short MTR ride will take you to the busy streets of ‘Mong Kok’ famous for its Ladies’ Market.


These neon- bathed historic streets are one of the major shopping centers in Hong Kong with food and entertainment resources as well.  This is the place to employ your bargaining skills and walk away with some souvenirs back home.


So even on a tight budget, you can still enjoy what Hong Kong has to offer. In  my next post, I will share about the delicious halal food that falls under the “must try” category

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