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Review: MyAirline, Malaysia’s Newest Contender – First Impressions from KL to Langkawi and Back

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Amidst the resurgence of Malaysia’s aviation industry, a new contender has entered the arena: MyAirline. As an avid traveler and aviation enthusiast, I was naturally curious to experience their service. And so, on December 3rd, 2022, just three days into their operations, I hopped onto a MyAirline flight to Langkawi and back. Here’s my experience.

The New Kid On The Block – MyAirline.

Booking and Pre-Flight Experience

Booking my journey on MyAirline’s platform was as straightforward as it gets. It bore the same simplicity of most low-cost airlines, with each additional service, like baggage and seat selection, available for a fee. They had competitive prices, comparable to the likes of AirAsia, and even offered generous baggage promotions (at this early point lah!) to entice new customers. It was clear that MyAirline was eager to make a strong first impression.

Checking In at KLIA

On the day of the flight, I arrived early at the bustling KLIA Terminal 2, a strategy I recommend for anyone trying a new airline.

Hello klia2, or now known as KLIA Terminal 2.

Check in was fairly fast at that time due to the fact that only few flights were operated.

Pretty straightforward. Protip: Check-in online and do hand carry to skip this step.

MyAirline, aware of the potential confusion for new passengers in the expansive klia2 terminal, had plenty of friendly ground crew on hand. They were incredibly helpful, guiding passengers through the check-in and boarding process and even finding time for a friendly chat. The flight was delayed due to a late arrival from Kota Kinabalu, but that did little to dampen the vibrant mood at the gate. Boarding was organized by priority and zone, and my preferred seat purchase allowed me to board early and settle in.

Onboard the Flight to Langkawi

Stepping onto the aircraft, I was immediately struck by the bright, fresh interior. MyAirline’s choice to retrofit previously operated aircraft with new seats paid off, creating a modern feel.

Welcome onboard MyAirline Airbus A320.

The cabin crew, dressed in casual attire, was a refreshing change from the norm, their sporty outfits reflecting the airline’s spirited personality. Despite the absence of in-flight entertainment, the enthusiastic service and high-spirited atmosphere kept things interesting.

Preferred Seats for me on this flight.

The safety announcement was manually done, and we were off to Langkawi.

Preferred Seats for me on this flight.

Cabin crew went straight into action after seat belt signs were turned off. In-flight sales of food and beverages takes off which I will try in my return flight later in the afternoon.

Roughly after an hour we landed in Langkawi Airport. Solid flight.

Approaching LGK.

Arrival at Langkawi and Return Check-In

After a smooth flight and a quick layover filled with shopping in Langkawi, it was time to head back to Kuala Lumpur.

Rukun Langkawi – Cokelat.

Return Flight to KLIA

The return flight offered a fresh experience with a different crew and aircraft, an opportunity for me to assess the consistency of MyAirline’s service. To celebrate their inaugural week, I decided to treat the crew with some chocolates as a token of appreciation. This time, I also decided to try their in-flight meal, opting for the Nasi Lemak. Though it wasn’t up to the standards of Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia’s famous Pak Nasi’s rendition, it was acceptable for a low-cost carrier.

9M-DAG, 13 years old plane previously operated by Thai AirAsia
Nasi Lemak, boleh makan but not the best
Back at klia2

All in all, my inaugural experience with MyAirline was a positive one. Despite being the new kid on the block, MyAirline demonstrated that they are ready to give the established airlines a run for their money. The staff across all touchpoints were friendly and energetic, and the in-flight experience, while lacking some amenities, was generally comfortable and enjoyable. Will I fly with them again? Absolutely. I’m excited to see how this new player evolves in Malaysia’s competitive aviation industry.

Blue Skies Ahead, MyAirline.

Click the link below for my vlog of the above flight.

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