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A Fairy Tale Scenic Train Ride on Glacier Express #SnowySwitzerland2021 #Episode4

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Those who know me would know how much I love planes.

I am not a big fan of trains so when my better half told me about Glacier Express, an 8 hours train ride, I was not too excited about it and felt that it’s just one of those tourist hype things. And I was wrong. Very wrong.

Glacier Express turned out to be one of the best highlights of our Switzerland trip last winter. To term this journey as breath-taking is an understatement. SubhanAllah, the scenery was so beautiful that in some parts it felt like we were transported into some kid’s winter wonderland fairy tale.

The train brought us from Zermatt to St Moritz crossing 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. The video did not do justice but I would advice if you travel to Switzerland and buy the Swiss Travel Pass, take this train as it is included (you need a seat reservation ticket though).

Enjoy some of these photos from the ride as well as my vlog at the end of this post below.

Zermatt Station. All set for the long 8 hours ride to St Mortiz
Large windows and comfortable seats. The windows are reflective and not camera friendly though.
The best kind of photos I could take from the seat. So I went to explore for a better spot that I could take photos and videos. As the restaurant cabin was closed due to Covid-19, it was not easy to find a window that I could open on a winter day,
Until I bumped into someone who was looking for a window as well.
Minutes later after talking to the crew, we found one that we could hand out at without disrupting the crew working.
A much better view of both the train and scenery.
Cars on Train. The Lötschberg Car Train
Lots and lots of tunnels…
Beautiful views.
The highlight of the journey.

I have to be honest that it did not felt that it was an 8 hours journey.

Check out my vlog here for scenes from our train ride onboard the famous Glacier Express.

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