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A sneak peek at the beauty of Zurich and Interlaken #SnowySwitzerland2021 #Episode2

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Zurich and Interlaken are two places that deserve to be a destination by itself that need at least a couple of days to fully appreciate its beauty. Unfortunately we only had 12 hours in Zurich and a day in Interlaken during our recent Switzerland trip before making our way to Zermatt. That did not stop us to discover as much as we can in these 2 beautiful places.

My better half and I arrived in Zurich mid morning and immediately utilised our 1-week Swiss Travel Pass to travel from the airport to the city. The travel pass is pricey but it is one investment for the trip that we did not regret. The flexibility of being able to move around throughout the country on bus, trams, ferries and trains plus discounts at various attractions makes it worth the price.

With only half a day in Zurich, we strolled around the city admiring its beauty.

A mix of old and modern architecture
The perfect spot to capture the beauty of Zurich City
Another Instagrammable Street in Zurich
Christmas Vibes
Night Scenes
One last photo before we hopped into the tram back to our hotel

The next day we made our way from Zurich to Interlaken for a day filled with adventure and more pretty sceneries. Interlaken was not in our original plan but we thought with the access to unlimited train rides, a quick daytrip detour to Interlaken on our way to Zermatt would be kind of cool. And it was another good decision as we absolutely love Interlaken in winter.

Nice views along the way
Welcome to Interlaken. You know this place is beautiful when you get this view just outside the train station.
Winter is also a quieter time in Interlaken so it’s perfect for “do nothing and absorb the views” activity.
Nice buildings too
Even the public WC has this view
Halal street
Interlaken is the base for various adventure and skiing activities at surrounding mountains and lakes
My wife and I went for kayaking
Unbelievable views
2 hours of peace and nature.
Capturing the sunset before we left Interlaken.

Enjoy my episode #2 vlog on the #SnowySwitzerland2021 experience.

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