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OD633 Taipei — Kuala Lumpur in 23 photos #FunTaipei

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As I have covered in quite detail my Malindo Air flying experience on my KL – Taipei review here, I initially do not want to write a post on the return flight OD633 from Taipei to KL. However for the benefits of my blog readers from Taipei that might be wondering what to expect on this 4 hours 45 minutes flight, I feel that I could do a quick “photo stories” review of the flight.

So this is “OD633 Taipei — Kuala Lumpur in 23 photos”

Taipei Taoyoan Intl Airport’s Terminal 1 where Malindo operates. The terminal has a unique curvy roof that is modern but at the same time retains the traditional touch.


Note that your checked-in luggage will be screened right after you are done with your check-in process. Please ensure that there are no Li-in batteries such as mobile phones, camera batteries and power banks inside your luggage.


TPE has consistently being ranked among world’s top airports in the annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ). Its design, ambience, facilities, human touch and commercial outlets blend in well to create an exciting airport experience. Something many airports tried but failed miserably.






Multi-faith prayer rooms.



Waiting lounge at Gate B3.


For those wanting a quick nap.


9M-LNJ arriving from Kuala Lumpur, a quick turnaround for the return flight with the same set of crew.


The whole terminal has a very stable and fast internet connection. Another basic necessity some airports are still struggling with.


Boarding. A very light load with only about 50 passengers flying to KL.


Thank you Taipei for an exciting 4 days. Hope to see you again soon.


Almost an immediate turn to the left after take-off.


The turn shown on the in-flight map.


Cozy and quiet cabin thanks to the low load factor.



A much better in-flight meal in comparison to the flight from KL to Taipei.


“Blusukan Jakarta” a nice movie!


A quick look at the empty rows at the back of the plane. Some obvious signs of wear & tear of the seats can be seen.


Safely back in Malindo’s home base. KUL.


Thank you Malindo Air for inviting AzuanZahdi.com to be part of the media team for the inaugural flight. It is always fun to be part of an airlines’ milestone and looking at how fast Malindo is growing, it will be in no time that they will be flirting with the big boys of the airlines industry. Congratulations Malindo Air for launching the Taipei service!


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