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Review: Malaysia Airlines Narita-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore and Firefly Airlines Singapore – Subang #Tokyo2015

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At the beginning of my #Tokyo2015 trip blog series, I shared how my wife and I managed to secure great deals for a 4-sector flight from Singapore to Tokyo on Malaysia Airlines’ Business Class (click here to read that story). The trip required us to travel a not so direct way to Japan which is through Subang-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Tokyo and the return leg of Tokyo—Kuala Lumpur—Singapore—Subang.

Further from that blog post, many of you had requested for a trip review of our experience on those flights.

So this is a quick review of our flights from Narita Tokyo to KL and to Singapore and to Subang! 3 flights in a day 🙂 Enjoy!


Our journey started early morning in Shibuya’s busy streets. Crossing the famous Shibuya crossing one last time with our luggage to catch our N’EX airport train ride to Narita.


N’EX is a very convenient way to access the airport, especially for someone who always afraid of missing a flight like me 😛


We got to Narita Airport a couple of hours before our departure time. Already the queue at Malaysia Airlines counter has built up. A sign of a full-load flight.


Thankfully we only had to wait for a while, utilising the bag drop counter. So always do your check-in online or via your phone and drop your bag even when you’re flying economy.

We were able to check in all the way to Singapore and the check-in personnel granted my request for my bags to go out in KLIA instead of Singapore just in case I decided to end my journey in KL.


What to do in Narita Airport? That is never an issue for AvGeek as all the terminals have an awesome observation deck that allows public to enjoy the airside activity. It is also spotter’s friendly so make sure you spend some time at the airport before and after a flight.

Another useful Narita Airport tip: there are halal outlets in the airport if you need to eat before the long flight back to KL and at the first floor of terminal 2, the souvenirs are quite competitively priced so great place for last minute shopping too.

Of course, don’t let the nice observation deck and shopping stops you from getting to the gates on-time. You don’t want to miss your flight as these days airport security can be quite a wait.

Thankfully we got to enjoy another Malaysia Airlines/One World perks of flying Business, a dedicated security and immigration lane.


Upon immigration and security clearance, we were invited to the OneWorld  Qantas Business Lounge as Malaysia Airlines does not have their own lounge in Narita.


Qantas Lounge has great settings that offer privacy, comfort and nice view of tarmac. There were also not many guests at the time of the visit.


But the food selection was a bit too basic.


So we decided to drop by at Japan Airlines Busienss Lounge to see what they have to offer. It was crowded with JAL passengers and there’s not much privacy unlike the Wantas Lounge.

But the food selection was a class better.


Boarding was on-time for an on-the-dot departure.



Within minutes of leaving the lounge, we were already settled down at seat 7A and 7C, the last row of the Business Class Cabin. I guess that is one of the perks of flying Business, something I hope I’m not going to be spoilt with. Truthfully, for every 100 economy flights I take, I would only consider taking 1 business class flights. I simply can’t afford the normal fares!


The almost full Business Class cabin. Toiletries and headsets were given along with welcome drinks and hot towels.


As the aircraft started its taxi, my better half was spotted waving her hand to someone.


…to these hardworking guys, a common thing in Japan airports.


Take off and climbing phase was a bit bumpy due to clouds all the way to almost 30,000 feet. Nothing that the A330 can’t handle and after about 30 minutes, seatbelt signs were switched off and meal service started.


I just love the Satay. There’s really something different about Malaysia Airlines Satay. It has been a signature dish for many years, I now understand why.


Followed by the full 3-course lunch meal. We utilised the Chef on Call service and pre-booked our dishes.

Appetiser: Smoked Salmon Timbale with lime Marinated Prawns and Soba


Main Course: Some fillet or mignin which I’m still trying to recall.


Dessert: Chestnut Panna Cotta with Vanilla Sauce


Spot on. Except for the main course which its doneness is a bit over in my humble opinion. Still I was able to finish the meal 😛

The in-flight entertainment screen is large and clear enabling us to enjoy the selection of movies and music throughout the flight. I remember watching Pilot Café which is a…. hmmm nevermind.


Refreshments (tuna and shrimp on French baguette and Haagen Dasz Ice Cream) being served before arrival. Choice of drinks: Teh Tarik!


Toilet break, a preview of things you may find in Business Class lavatories. Not much difference really.


The rest of the flight went quite routine. The crew however is a class above normal. They were extra attentive and seem very professional and casual in engaging conversations with us. For that, I took an effort to write a short note to thank them.


We managed to catch some rest and arrived fresh and on-time in KLIA.


Upon arrival at KLIA, we were not sure whether to just take a cab and end our journey there or continue with our next sector which was KUL-SIN and fly from Singapore to Subang just before midnight. We were tired and decided to just head home, but then we saw this…


Rather than wasting time waiting for the limo, we changed our mind and went to Level 5 to get our bags checked in again to continue the journey. At least we will be arriving later in Subang, nearer to home.


The plus point is that we get to try the Regional Lounge. It was not crowded and food was delicious. The shower rooms were also clean.


Our ride to Singapore. The Boeing 737-800.


While it may be a normal 1-hour routine hop, I had the opportunity to meet a friend who is also an aviation geek that was the flight stewardess on duty. Always fun to meet familiar faces on-board and thank you for your warm hospitality.


Never say no to Satay!


A couple of hours in layover/transit in Changi which is nothing thanks to its world class facilities. The only confusing part was with the immigration officer who was puzzled with my arrival card stating that I just reached Singapore from KL but leaving back to Subang/KL in 3 hours time. All for cheap ticket price 🙂


The final hop. Singapore to subang on Firefly’s ATR72-600.



A great way to end our #Tokyo2015 trip.

Overall we enjoyed the hospitality and food served on board Malaysia Airlines business sectors, particularly the Narita to KL route. With the upcoming upgrade to the A330 Business Class seats, I foresee it will be an even more competitive product that could drive the revenue numbers for the airline. Will I try another Malaysia Airlines business class flights in the future? Of course yes. Can I afford it? That’s a totally different question altogether 🙂

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  1. How is the quality of the seat ? We read a lot of comments on MAS business class seat being uncomfortable especially on reclining position. Its not fully flat at about 160 degree recline, so you tend to slip down as you try to sleep ? And the seat is hard ? Is it that uncomfortable ? We are considering whether its worth paying for upgrades.

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