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A Weekend Getaway to watch Malaysia vs Timor Leste — our first Sea Games Experience

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We all know the results by now. Malaysia is technically out from the Sea Games 2015 football challenge. Many have been said online and in newspapers about the team’s performance so I rather not talk about the game. Instead this is a quick photos-post how me and my better half enjoyed a quick weekend getaway in Singapore to enjoy our first Sea Games experience.

The ride. Thanks Malindo for having an “ok” fare for our last minute travel.


Ready for the long walk in Singapore.


On board Malindo’s 737-800. Identical cabin as the 737-900.


I forgot my earphone so no IFE, after all I prefer this as my entertainment 🙂


One of world’s best airports.


Sea Games is in town. Excitement can be felt at the famous Orchard Road.


Official merchandise store.


The “must-makan” ice cream at Orchard.


Arab Street


Where our another “must-makan” place is located. None other than the Zam Zam Briyani.


The pre-game post biryani siesta at Parc Sovereign Hotel – Tyrwhitt Singapore‎. Awesome little value for money hotel.



Game time.


The ride — feels good to be wearing our jersey at foreign soil heading to a game.


Malaysia… kami datang demi mu!


Not the best plastic seats but pretty impressive how they kept the stadium clean.


The game.






Photo opportunity with one of the most loyal Harimau Malaya fans in Singapore since the Harimau Muda in S-League days. Nice to be able to catch up with you Sir!


Waited for a while after game to be able to say hi to coach OKS and players but it does not seem to be possible so we left Bishan.

We hoped for the team to get through to the semis but it did not happen, guess we have to wait for future away games in other tournaments to support our boys in foreign land. Sure we are not as passionate as the other fan groups (tabik spring to Ultras and Team Malaysia chanters) but we have taken our effort to go support our boys. In the end results doesn’t really matter.

To Coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee and players, you guys tried your best, perhaps not as per most of the fans’ expectation but we saw lots of efforts in making things right both from the bench and on the field for 90 minutes ( plus the 2 other games) but in the end a campaign goes beyond just the team. Hope the “fault finding” goes all the way to the top of the football organization. Well, one can hope.

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