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Malindo Air’s Business Class Experience: Luxury Meets Comfort (Part 1)

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When Malindo Air first started their operations in KLIA in March 2013, I was one of their first few passengers flying on their day 2 of operations. I wrote about that experience (click here to read) and that trip report has since received more than 8,000 views and the video of the flight review (click here to watch) receives 13,386 views up to today.

Similarly when Malindo started their ATR operations in Subang, I flew on one of their earliest flights to get a taste of their service. My blog post on that ATR flight (click here to read) received more than 3,500 views and the video 6,442 views.

Thank you to all the readers/viewers for making these two blog posts one of the most popular posts on AzuanZahdi.com.

One year after Malindo Airways started their operation, I felt that it is only fair to do an “updated” version of the review and what better way to do it by adding a bit of interesting twist such as experiencing their luxurious Business Class service!


A quick check on their website (www.MalindoAir.com) reveals that their fares for flight to Kota Kinabalu on Labour Day was quite attractive and since I had personal matters to attend in KK anyway I might as well made the best of the promo fares. 2-in-1 kind of trip and in between a quick cuti-cuti Malaysia in Kota Kinabalu for me and my wife. After the booking, we were informed that our return flight would be arriving in klia2, another unique opportunity turning this trip a bit more interesting.

A day before our flight, we received a phone call from Malindo Air. The friendly agent reminded me that the return flight will be arriving in klia2. I was then asked to choose my preferred meals for both of the flights. Apparently this “pre-booked” meal over the phone is part of Malindo’s business class experience. Options were read out in detail, for example for breakfast I had the chance to choose between Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Roti Jala or Western Breakfast. Without any hesitation, I opted for Nasi Lemak #SoMalaysian. I was also asked to make the choice for my wife as well. It would be perfect if the staff had asked whether it’s best to contact my wife personally to get the selection.

We were at KLIA’s Main Terminal Building as early as 6:45m despite having already completed the web check-in process. As always the morning rush saw quite lengthy but fast moving lines at almost all Malindo Air counters including the Business Class line.


I was patiently queuing behind a few passengers when the check-in agent said “any business class passengers?” I raised my hand and we moved forward cutting the queue. Once at the counter, she casually checked with me:

“Are you flying on business class, Sir?”.

Can’t blame her as I probably look more like an economy class passenger trying to jump queue. She apologised to us once she saw our flight itinerary and explained that the counter is also being used to process economy class passengers when there is no business class pax in the line. Fair enough. She was super friendly despite the obvious pressure to clear the passengers in line. A couple other staff were also there to assist and one of them told us that it was the last day for Malindo Air’s operation in the Main Terminal Building and they look forward for the shift to klia2. Thumbs up!


My first business class boarding pass. 🙂


Malindo Air’s Boeing 737-900ER at gate A8 ready to serve the OD1002 route.


The airline uses this aircraft type for all their ex-KLIA flights so passengers can ensure that they will get personal IFE screen, comfy leather seats, generous leg-room, USB charger regardless of which of the six Boeing 737 aircraft being assigned to the flight.


Boarding priority was given to business class passengers followed by those required special assistance. I don’t feel right to have all the economy class passengers walking pass us so we decided to be one of the last to board the plane. A good thing about flying on business is that you do not have to worry about “battle of the overhead compartment”.


We settled ourselves at seat 3D and 3F.


Shortly after, the flight stewardess in charge of the business class section came to welcome us personally at our seats. Funny thing is that she started with addressing me as “Hi.. you are Cik Nur?” I just pointed to my wife and replied “we swapped seats”. Obviously 🙂

One last “gram” before switching my phone off.


Welcome drinks and peanuts were served to all passengers. Coconut drink (“Air Kelapa”) which is a nice local touch. As my wife do not take coconut drink, she requested for plain water. Probably good to include juice option as well especially for morning flights like this.


Load was good for business class with 9 passengers filling out the 12-seats business class section.


Our pushback was delayed for about 25 minutes due to missing passengers. It was handled professionally by both the tech and cabin crew. The captain made an announcement to keep everyone updated on the situation while the stewardesses kept refilling our welcoming drinks.

The delay gave me the opportunity to snap some photos before the engine starts.

The seat pocket. Newspapers, magazine and the safety card.


I might be wrong but I noticed the selections of newspapers were made based on passengers. Both of us had Malay and English newspapers while the pax next to us has English and Chinese newspapers. I love this kind of “little things” that makes flying a bit personalised. Thumbs up!

Magazines are also provided at every seats and guess what I had, FHM with one of my favourite celeb on the cover Julie Woon! Haha.


A small soft pillow is placed at every business class seat. I could not find mind but the stewardess was fast in getting a replacement from one of the empty seats. Blankets were offered to everyone right before pushback 


Finally the missing passengers were able to be located and we were were all set to start our journey to Kota Kinabalu!


A couple of windows at each of the business class rows allow natural lighting as well as gives the sense of spaciousness to the passengers. Great way to enjoy the outside view too.

Like this beautiful sight of Putrajaya after take-off.


Shortly after take-off, the Sony noise-cancellation headphones were distributed for passengers to enjoy the 11.1 inch touch screen in-flight entertainment.


As expected on any Malindo Air’s 737 flight, a good choice of movies and TV series are available. I noticed that the selection for business class and economy are the same set of programmes which I have no issues as I had plenty of entertainment for this short 2.5 hours flight but for frequent fliers on business class they would probably expect a bit more varieties and VOD features exclusive for the front-end passengers.

“Sang Pemimpi” kept me entertained. 🙂


This friendly cabin crew (sorry I did not get your name. can anyone help?!) went to all passengers confirming the breakfast selection as the aircraft settled at our cruise altitude of 35,000 feet.


Somehow our pre-booked Nasi Lemak + Western Breakfast became Nasi Lemak + Nasi Lemak. Thankfully the Nasi Lemak was complete and delicious. Delicious chicken rendang.


Nasi Lemak + Soft croissant and cut fruits. Oh yeah, real cutleries as well (not plastic!).


Special request: Iced milo. Thank you to Senior Flight Attendant Chloe for the perfectly chilled “milo ais” 🙂


After breakfast, I took some time to check out the business class seat.

Full leather seat with 45 inches of leg room spaciousness.


Individual arm-rest.



And three-pin power supply sockets for those travelling with gadgets.


The crew kept checking on us and re-fill our drinks throughout the flight. We really enjoyed the hospitality.

One for the album. 🙂

Approaching Kota Kinabalu airport.


A nice shot to end another great ride with Malindo, this time enjoying their business class’s hospitality. Thank you to all the crew and thank you Malindo. Head on to MalindoAir.com for the latest promo deals including for their business class seats 🙂


In part 2, I’ll be sharing my experience on the return flight which brought us to the brand new klia2.

In the meantime, enjoy the video version of this review 🙂 Also don’t forget to leave comments below. Thank you.

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  1. Wow! Great review here. First time I saw Malindo when I went to Penang. Their ATR looks impressive.

    This will help us what to expect from a business class in Malindo.

  2. Hi Azuan ,Fantastic review , photographs and video you do cover all the question I had about flying with Malindo Air and what a great hobby, your website is now in my favourite box. Our family (3) are arriving in KL on 30th January for a 3 week SE Asia holiday , I’m researching destinations with Malindo Air a good options for flights.I do have one question when flying business class do they provide a lounge prior to boarding?

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