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Shah Alam Helicopter Joyride with AFJets’ 9M-WIN

The moment I mention “Shah Alam”, more often than not people would have the following places in mind – the Shah Alam Mosque, UiTM and Stadium Shah Alam. Ok, maybe to some extend the multiple roundabouts too!

Even after more than 30 years calling Shah Alam home, I never get tired looking at these landmarks and kind of proud moment every time I see tourists or visitors stopping and taking photos of these iconic buildings.

So earlier this year, when I get the chance to have a view of Shah Alam from a slightly different perspective, I went for it with not much hesitation. It is not every day that I get to see my home city from a bird’s eye view!

Thanks to AFJets, a major local player in the General Aviation scene based in Subang Skypark, I had the opportunity to try out their Shah Alam Joyride Helicopter Tour. Utilising their own fleet of helicopters, AFJets conduct charter operations and air tours among others including the more common KL City Tour and Kota Bharu Joyrides.

At mind-morning we found ourselves at the helipad in Stadium Shah Alam. To be honest, I never know about this helipad!

And waiting for us, 9M-WIN, our ride for the day.

This Robinson R44 is a beauty. In production since 1993, the R44 is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a helicopter that provides balance between cost efficiency and performance. With 1 pilot and 3 passenger seats, it is one of the best-selling civilian chopper out there.

While I’ve flown on multiple light aircrafts, it was my first time flying on a helicopter and to be honest the R44 felt a bit small from the outside when I first saw it.

It is when we stepped into the helicopter that we would able to appreciate that it is not as small or cramped as what I had imagined.

Boarding time.

Drive, park and fly. I wish evey flight is this simple!

A quick hi to the pilot and within a few minutes, we were airborne! Dataran Kemerdekaan, Masjid Shah Alam and Plaza Masalam in sight.

Shah Alam Lake and Plaza Alam Sentral.

Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Shah Alam.

Sect 7 and 8 residential areas


UiTM di hatiku.

Kelab Shah Alam

Before landing, flypass Stadium Shah Alam!

FAS’ BangStadium did a great job with the field, the bumbung, that’s a different topic lah.


Stadium Shah Alam!

And back on the ground after about 10 minutes.

It is worth the price? I would say if you are looking for something unique, a treat for birthdays, anniversaries or even a proposal, go for it.

For me personally, what better way to take my first helicopter flight than to fly above my home ground for the last 30 over years. 🙂



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