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My favorite instagrammable places in Bangkok  

Over the few years Bangkok has been my favorite ASEAN city for a quick weekend getaway. While Jakarta (lovely Nasi Padang, cheap shopping!) and Singapore (great choice of staycation hotels!) have its own appeal, I find myself doing the 2.5 hour flight to Bangkok more frequently than to any other neighboring cities. Perhaps the fact that within a weekend I could get a tailored suit ready at an attractive price, eat lots of good halal food, enjoy a nice relaxing Thai massage and roam around at various markets make Bangkok a suitable destination for a quick escape from routine.

Besides all that, Bangkok has a lot to offer for those who are constantly looking for instagrammable materials to feed their social media timeline. I have not covered even half of places recommended online but after a few trips to Bangkok for various reasons, I thought it would be nice to share some of the places that I personally believe as Instagram-worthy locations.

Even the Bangkok Airport is quite pretty but then again I’m an aviation blogger, so I might be a bit biased 😛


1) River Cruise on Local Boats

My favorite way of starting a day especially on a weekend. Just hop into one of the local boats and enjoy the sights. Plenty of nice things to point your camera at and you get to skip those horrible traffic on the road.

2) Floating Markets

It is unfortunate that the floating markets we experienced have transformed into a tourist trap kind of markets with more focus on touristy items rather than day-to-day goods. Nevertheless it’s still worth experiencing the ambience and sellers are camera-friendly (most of them, especially if you are buying something). Of course common sense applies and always ask before snapping a photo.

3) The Famous Maeklong Railway Market

A bit off from Bangkok but it’s something that I recommend to check out at least once. Simply just to see how close the train gets to the sellers and visitors of the market. It literally run across the market and the efficiency of how the locals maneuver around the train schedule is something nice to watch.

Lime Juice anyone?


4) Chatuchak Weekend Market

While I might go to the above markets mainly for the sights and sounds, if I need to go to a market to actually shop and eat, this is where I head to. Chatuchak Weekend Market might be on every tourist itinerary, but it is simply a good one-stop-centre that has it all. Popular IG posts includes the famous coconut ice-cream and a photo that captures the colour mix of the stalls.


5) The Grand Palace

This Palace offers a great signature shot of Bangkok. The photos you often see on tourist websites and brochures. The only tip is be super early or avoid the weekend (in which I failed and will try again the next time). Else expect lots of photobomb actions from big tourist groups which by the way will kill any chance of you absorbing the ambience of the palace.


6) The Marble Temple

Wat Benchamabophit is an underrated spot to visit. It is not as famous as the other temples you would usually visit but it has its own appeal. We got the timing wrong and did not get the chance to see the iconic marble flooring of the temple but there are enough things for us to take photos around the temple.


7) Sunset @ Chinatown

We found this place after some googling. My other half love the cheap fabric sold in Chinatown and I love the shutter-therapy that this side of Bangkok has to offer.

Especially this little roundabout. Photo taken from a multi-storey carpark nearby in which you need a car to access (or some nice slow talk).


8) Ratchada Train Market

Another car park + another market = another great view.

With the locals.


9) Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

A bit off the beaten path, this site might not be for everyone. I love it because it has an aviation spin to it and not everyday you get the chance to climb around abandoned fuselage of a plane. I’ve also seen some great photos and tourists doing photoshoot at this location so it has its own appeal. Just be extra careful as this is really an abandoned site so go crazy with the photos but respect the surrounding.


10) Asiatique

People might come here for the awesome entertainment and nightlife but I just can’t have enough of the ferris wheel.

Also nice place to snap some random evening street photos


11) Lopburi Sunflowers!


Ok, this is a bonus addition as it is 2-3 hours from Bangkok. Still this is my favourite year-end-side-trip option for Bangkok. Thousands of sunflowers and with such great weather during the season, a perfect scene for a nice photoshoot.


12) Suvarnabhumi Airport

Ok, I will be biased and recommend an airport as one of the IG-worthy places in Bangkok. Unique architecture with local flavors and great way to end your trip with a nice shot of the airport.


Let me know if there are more unique places that I can try visit the next time I’m in Bangkok. Leave a comment below.



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