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My 5 “hot dates” with Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350.

She is the hottest girl in her class right now. She is new, looking real sexy and for the last couple of months has been the talk of the town of local aviation community.  She is the brand new Airbus A350 of Malaysia Airlines. With its current status as the top pick when it comes to who get to be on the front page of the airlines’ marketing brochures, the A350 has started to serve the ever important and the only European route of Malaysia Airlines – London Heathrow.

If you are travelling on Malaysia Airlines new Airbus A350 sometime soon and you are wondering how the experience will be like, you have come to the right place. We got it all covered here on AzuanZahdi.com.

With some investment of my hard-earned money, good friends within the airline (who acknowledged the existence of AzuanZahdi.com – thank you guys, you are the best!), I had the opportunity to go out on 5 “hot dates” with the Malaysia Airlines A350 to get to know her a bit better inside out.


It is only right to be there in KLIA when the first of 6 A350 arrived in Malaysia. It was a memorable morning filled with lots of excitement and anticipation welcoming the new plane. I had the opportunity not only to join the employees and media welcoming the plane but also being one of the earliest few to have a glimpse of what the interior of the plane looks like including the single row first class.

Sexy 9M-MAB.


I wrote a full review (with lots more photos) which went viralled for one week with thousands of visitors reading the article from all over the world. Read the full story here – Selamat Datang Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350 XWB



It is only right for me to try out the new plane on its first day of operations. Taking advantage of the rather affordable airfares, I went on a regional hop ”date” with the A350 to Bangkok on Business Class. It was a great experience. Too short to indulge on all the comfort features but enough to convince myself that I would enjoy flying business class on this plane.

Full review can be read here: Review: Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350 Business Class, MH 782 Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok 



Just that I thought the first plane is always the most special, Malaysia Airlines decided to drop a surprise by introducing a special livery on the second A350 in their fleet. Thanks to the invitation from the airline, I had the opportunity to join the photographers/bloggers team in welcoming 9M-MAC.

It was the first time that I get so up-close with a moving plane. A surreal experience.  Being a loyal Harimau Malaya fan, seeing a plane carrying our Jalur Gemilang so proudly was quite an emotional moment too.

Picture courtesy of MH Spotters Team

A short video of this awesome patriotic “date” with the A350. Watch in HD!



While I already had an idea of what to expect of the A350 business class, there were some features that I did not get to experience during the earlier flight to Bangkok. So on its last weekend operating the domestic/regional route, I took the A350’s business class once again, this time to Kota Kinabalu.

The beauty about this “date” is having a personal tour. A senior Lead Steward with more than 20 years of experience with Malaysia Airlines took me on a short tour around the plane, explaining up till the very detail of each of its feature.

A visit to the crew bunk – now that’s what I call exclusive!

Thanks LS Meor!

A short video of my experience on this flight.



It is only right that I experience my usual way of travel – the Economy Class. Let’s face it, as much as the Business Class is a great product on this plane, the Economy Class is what going to make or break the strategy behind the leasing of this new plane. So I went on and booked on economy for my return flight from Kota Kinabalu to KLIA.

It was nice. The legroom is actually slightly tighter but thanks to the other enhanced design features of the plane like better inflight entertainment, better luggage compartment, fresher air,  I think I would be able to survive 13 hours on economy to London.


5 “hot dates” with the Malaysia Airlines A350. What do I think?

It is definitely a game changer. A newer fleet for a route that has some serious competition. This is a step towards complementing the strong soft-side of Malaysia Airlines offerings which is the cabin crew. Coupled this two together, the airline would be in a better position to regain its footing in the industry.

Now who is willing to sponsor me for a real 13-hours date with the A350 to London? 😛

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