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The Grand Hotel – A Classic Landmark of Taipei #FunTaipei

It is not often that I got the chance to stay in a hotel that also serves as a landmark of a city. So when we found out that we will be spending our final night in Taipei at The Grand Hotel, there were obvious signs of excitement among the media delegates including myself.

While it may be seen as just a place to sleep after a long day of touring the city, staying in a classy hotel can at times be an experience by itself. This is where The Grand Hotel fits in nicely.

It was already dark when we arrived at the hotel but that did not stop us from admiring the hotel building from outside.


Stepping into the lobby, we could feel the “Grand” ambiance of this hotel.


The hotel is not only famous for its iconic traditional architecture but also has a long history of receiving world leaders and guests from all over the world. For this one night, we were the VIPs, complete with a warm welcome by the manager and a Muslim-friendly dinner.


But first, let’s have a quick peek at our room.



Spacious, clean and complete with amenities that you would usually see in a 5-star hotel.


The Grand Hotel also offers Muslim visitors basic but useful facilities like praying mat, a copy of the Holy Quran and Qiblah direction.


If you think the room is spacious, wait till you see its balcony.


You can really just chill at the balcony and do nothing while enjoying the view!

Or if you would like to appreciate the art within the hotel, just go on a tour on your own and explore the hotel interior. Who knows you might even be lucky enough to get to tour the secret passage well hidden within the hotel.




We were hosted for dinner at one of The Grand Hotel’s restaurants. A Muslim-friendly dinner prepared by a Michelin-star chef.



Fresh scallop in grapefruit.


Baked chicken in Teriyaki sauce. Absolutely delicious.


Dessert. Turned out to be an interesting topic among us #internalJoke But I love the brownie.


The next morning I woke up early to check out the view of the hotel building during sunrise. Unfortunately weather was not on our side and I was too sleepy to stay outside longer.

17 18

Good morning Taipei.


Breakfast with a view.


And it’s an airport view, the kind of view that an #AvGeek like me would appreciate.

Halal breakfast prepared for us. Note that if you’re staying in this hotel; please notify the hotel beforehand if you require halal food.


One last round of photography before leaving the hotel.

24 25

Thank you Tourism Taipei and the Grand Hotel for hosting us. I would definitely recommend this hotel not only as an accommodation but also as an experience by itself.

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