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Part 3 of #ExcitingHongKong: Must Try Halal ‘Makan’ Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is among the most talked dining destinations in the world and it offers such a wealth of food choices that it’s hard to choose as to where to dig in first.

Good news for Muslim visitors, Halal food is easily available throughout the island. No one can depart from Hong Kong without having visited the Islamic Centre Canteen to try the Dim Sum- city’s unofficial pastime. Other dishes that are frequently recommended by locals include Xinjiang Cuisine at Ma’s restaurant, particularly the signature dish of Beef/Veal goulash, and the awesome hawker-style roast duck at Wai Kee.

During our trip to Hong Kong, we managed to check out these highly recommended places and we can sum it up in one word – delicious! Here are some photos and a short review for each of this makan places.



1. Ma’s Restaurant


Veal Goulash pastry. This signature dish makes Ma’s Restauraunt so popular that you could see most tables ordering it. With over 40 years of experience this is the place to get Halal Hong Kong style Chinese cuisine with influence from Northwest China flavors. We tried the Veal Goulash along with some dishes and rice. A bit on the pricier side but definitely worth it and it is possible to share if you are in a group of 3-4 making it a bit more value for money. whatever it is, dont leave the shop until you try the veal goulash!





2. Islamic Centre Canteen


To be honest, this place does not require an introduction. It is well promoted on TV shows and online media to the extent that anyone who is hunting for local halal food will most likely ended here. The amazing thing is that its main attraction – the Halal Dim Sum is well sought after not only amongst Muslim visitors but also any locals or tourists p. Therefore you need to be lucky (read EARLY) to get to try the Dim Sum. We did not came early enough hence we ended up with one last serving of the Dim Sum.


The also serve quite good Chinese cuisine at quite an OK price.



3. Pizza Kiosk at Wan Chai Road


We accidentally found this place on the way back from the Islamic Centre. The sight and smell of large pizza slices attracted our attention and we tried a couple of slices. While it may not be out of this world kind of delicious, it is quite tasty with various toppings that would make a good snack to eat while you are touring Hong Kong or just chillin in your hotel room. My personal favourite, Spicy Mutton!




4. Wai Kee Roast Duck


This place is my favorite makan place throughout Hong Kong. It is so good that I think a trip to Hong Kong for a Muslim visitor is not complete without tasting this!

Roast Duck with Rice.



Equally good is the Curry dishes, which we had the Mutton Curry with Rice. Thick gravy of curry ensures the explosion of spices blends in well with the tender mutton. Yummy!


Places are limited but there are always opportunities to sit down at a table with some strangers and make new friends 🙂



There are many more restaurants and kiosks that serve Halal food. The one I mentioned above are the more popular ones and I think any first-timers to Hong Kong must try. The beauty about traveling and exploring a destination is that you might stumble upon new undiscovered halal eateries which make it even more interesting. So if you are coming to Hong Kong, consider reducing the number of Instant Noodles and Brahims inside your luggage and enjoy what Hong Kong has to offer as far as Halal food is concern. Bon Apetit!

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