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World’s Shortest Escalator #CoolThingsInJapan #Tokyo2015

Besides being the land of the rising sun, Japan is also land of many cool and unique things. Decorative manhole covers, high tech toilets, funky gameshows, camera stores as big as shopping malls and awesome vending machines just to name a few. We have seen some of these cool stuffs during our Kyoto Trip back in 2013 so we were wondering what other things that we can explore this time.

It was then that we saw one “attraction” that has received the recognition of Guinness World Book of Record. So right after our fun time with Doraemon at Fujiko F Fujio Museum, we made our way to a different side of Kawasaki. To be exact, More’s Department Store in Kawasaki.


Introducing the World’s Shortest Escalator!


Yes, only in Japan you would find an escalator this short.


How short you might ask? 5 steps equivalent to 83.4cm. Yes, it’s that short.


Why do they have this escalator at the first place? I can’t really tell.


Simply because it has no real functions. It is not a “tourist attraction” nor it is something that can help people that are physically challenged.  As a start, it is downwards (instead of the more challenging task of climbing up).

Then right after the cute escalator, is another set of stairs meaning that those who have difficulties will still have to go down some stairs. Maybe it will help a bit, maybe every little saving of energy counts in Japan. Maybe.


Whatever it is, we had fun with this world record holder. Acting like kids in between many locals, we went up and down at least 10 times. Just for the fun of it.  #MudahTerhibur

Some smiled, some stared but no one seems to be bothered of our little adventure 🙂

It may not be a famous tourist icon of Tokyo but we are happy to witness first hand a real world record holder in action.


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