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Fujiko F Fujio Museum: Our childhood memories come alive! #Tokyo2015

Doraemon, Nobita, Sinyu, Giant.

If you’re an 80s baby like me, those names probably will bring back some of your childhood memories.

After arriving  in Tokyo (click here to read about our journey), we had few hours to spare as check-in time at Granbell Hotel Shibuya (highly recommended) is strictly 2p.m. onwards. Hence we had planned for a quick few hour’s tour to check out the Fujiko F Fujio Museum located about 25 minutes train ride from Shibuya.

Being rated as #1 “things to do” in Kawasaki on TripAdvisor and being fans of Doraemon, it would make a great start for our Tokyo trip.

First thing first, if you plan to check out this museum, it is important to note that tickets are not sold at the museum itself. You got to buy it at a Lawson store or some of the appointed agents. We were lucky that my buddy Rayyan and his friend helped us with the tickets and I picked it up at one of the Lawsons in Narita Airport.

By the way, the system would be in Japanese but just like any other things in Japan, the locals would always help. Including figuring out how to put a “name” into the system.


Kawasaki is the town where Fujiko F Fujio produces his most famous work Doraemon about 40 years ago and his masterpiece up till today are being enjoyed all over the world. Hence it is only right for the town to build a museum for him and his work.

You know you’re there when you see lots of familiar characters. Seen here at Noborito JR Station.



Shuttle bus to connect visitors from the station to the museum.


Unfortunately many of the areas within the museum are off-limits for cameras so photography is limited to only a few places.


Nevertheless the exhibits on displays are awesome enough if you’re a Doraemon fan. Storyline for both Fujiko F Fujio and Doraemon with quite detailed audio explanation in English.


After going through the displays, it is a must to check out their outdoor area. We love this particular area of the museum.

Remember this park where Nobita always got bullied?


Or the Anywhere Door aka Pintu Suka Hati


That episode where Nobita went to an adventure to change his past in order to change his future. LOL


Souvenir stand. There’s also a quite interesting souvenir section before the exit of the Museum.


The café is worth the try although queue for a table can be quite long. Tips: get a number first before you check out the outdoor display.


Hot chocolate.


My fav character determines my choice of dessert. Yes I am a Sinyu. 😛


The “cheat” bread.


The activity area is quite cool especially for kids (and us who pretends to be kids). Here you would be able to play games, check out the famous Doraemon’s closet in Nobita’s room…


…and create your own souvenir at this photobooth.


There’s also a mini auditorium that shows Doraemon anime but we skipped it as we were told that there was no English subtitles.

While it is not exactly a “must-see”, this Fujiko F Fujio museum is worth the trip to Kawasaki. We enjoyed discovering more things about Fujiko F Fujio especially his personal life and how he balanced up raising his family vs creating his masterpieces. It is quite cool to also learn that he failed many times before hitting it big with Doraemon. If you have time, do check out this museum.

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