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Young Corporate Malaysians (YCM) Mentorship Program: Our journey so far

Mike May, an American business executive / sports enthusiast once said “The fun thing about getting older is finding younger people to mentor”. This is absolutely true. Back in the uni days, I was lucky to be able to have many mentors particularly due to my role in SIFE/Enactus (click here to read) that helped shaped me into who I am today. Hence when Young Corporate Malaysians (YCM) came out with a mentoring programme, I was fast to sign up as a mentor.

Few months into the mentoring journey, my mentee and I thought it would be nice to share what we have learned so far. These are our stories:

The Mentor.  

“Oh man… a guy”


Honestly, that was my reaction when Young Corporate Malaysia (YCM) announced the YCM Mentor-Mentee pairing for the year 2015.


Of course I did not sign up for the YCM Mentorship programme just to be paired with a Julie Woon or Neelofa look-alike mentee but I would be lying if I say that the idea did not randomly crossed my mind at one time or another. Oh well perhaps it is the organiser’s way to ensure that the programme is “syariah-compliant”, which is indeed a good approach.


For record, the matching was actually done based on our profiles and I believe YCM did tremendously well with it.


I was assigned to Yovindra Kanezin. Someone that I now label as the future CEO of corporate Malaysia.


Even before we met officially during the first meet-up session, he took the effort to google me and being actively involved in blogging it does not take long for him to know a bit about me. We share the same interest in aviation and that is probably the reason that we have been flying smoothly with the mentorship programme from day 1.


A high performer in his Uni with active involvement in various student activities, Yovin himself could be a mentor to many students out there.


Yovin is clear with my expectation out of the programme which has been consistent from the beginning. I want to be a “bro” rather than a “formal mentor” and my primary role is simply to help show him the many doors out there for him to choose. Our focus has always been in two areas:


  • – “The 2 years of CV Writing”

This is where many young graduates make a mistake. Many still believe that writing a good CV is a post-graduation thing. I always believe that you write your CV by continuously improving yourself and filling up your strengths, experiences, education and skills elements from your first year in university. This is where we are lucky as Yovin will only graduate/start working in May 2017. A perfect 2 years for him to go out there and learn as many new things, meet as many new people as possible. We focus on this and I hope the outcome will be awesome in 2017 – a one powerful CV!


  • – “Exploring your Passion”

We also spoke a lot about following our passion. Both of us loves aviation and I’m fortunate to be able to share some of my airport and aviation blogging experience with Yovin. We even had a good fun learning experience at a flight simulator in Subang Skypark. It is easy for young graduates to be too focus on one small area and not looking at the bigger picture. Yovin has always love the business side of an airline, so I thought why not show a glimpse of operational side of it hence the flying experience which I’m glad he appreciated. More importantly he is now more aware that even in a specific industry, there are so many branches of specialisation that one can be exposed to.



Our mentoring sessions have never been a one way street. I learn as much new things from my mentee including understanding the behaviour of Gen-Ys, upcoming tech trends and cool stuff like diving and backpacking.


I am guilty of missing most of YCM’s CEO series due to my work travel commitment but we spent a lot of time doing the mentor-mentee discussions either over the phone/whatsapp or over coffee. As a matter of fact, our latest session was held just last night in a football stadium watching Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia. I am a loyal Harimau Malaya fan and it was a pleasure to share the experience with Yovin. In the end, our love to the country whether shown in a football stadium or in a corporate world is a drive that can push a person forward to make a change to our beautiful Malaysia.



We look forward for more upcoming sessions in the next few weeks but it has been one heck of a fun journey so far.


The Mentee.  

I’ve always been an aviation enthusiast since small. Planes never failed to excite me, mostly commercial planes and airlines. I grew up reading a lot about planes and airlines during my spare time. Through that, I started  watching this guy’s Youtube videos and found them quite interesting. From there, I started reading his blogs and aviation stories and found them quite interesting for me. Its none other than Mr. Azuan Zahdi. Indeed he’s quite prominent with average Youtube views of 20000 up to 30000 views. Not just in youtube but also with his famous blog, www.azuanzahdi.com


After joining university, I started attending summits and conferences. . There are two main reasons for it. Firstly, I get the opportunity to hear successful stories from business magnates and high achievers from various industries. Secondly, I get to network. I meet like-minded people. I found this a great opportunity for me to learn and be trained by industry specialists. This is where I got to know about Young Corporate Malaysians and their mentorship program.


After weeks applying for this program, I finally got a great reply from YCM saying I’ve been selected. After a few days, they revealed my mentor. It was a huge surprise that the mentor matched for me was none other than Mr. Azuan Zahdi, the blogger whom I’ve been watching and reading about all this while. I was given a date and venue for the opening event.


I flew down back to Kuala Lumpur for the opening event with excitement to meet and get to know my new mentor. On the day, there were many mentors and mentees. As I looked around, I spotted Mr. Azuan sitting. I immediately went to him and introduced myself. He asked how I recognized him. Well, watching his videos for such a long time, how I  will not recognize him.


We exchanged our contacts and spoke little bit about ourselves. I realized that no one would match me better than Mr. Azuan. As I currently live in Johor Bahru, we targeted to meet up at least once a month whenever I come back KL for break or whenever Azuan comes JB.


It has been close to 4 months since Azuan became my mentor and we have face to face meet ups every month but often we talk via WhatsApp and phone, apart from tweets and instagram comments (lol). Honestly, I have learnt a lot from him. Not just about civil aviation, but also many soft skills. He provides me advices when I need, at times before I make certain important decision.


The great thing that I like about Mr. Azuan is that, he’s very humble. We think alike. We don’t have many formalities. We keep things simple. I’ve never seen him as a mentor. We are just like friends. For the past 4 months, we often have meetings at unique locations. My most favorite one was at Subang Skypark Flight Simulator. It was amazing !



There can’t be a better gift for an aviation freak like me. The next one was in a stadium before we catched Malaysia vs Saudi game.



It’s been an incredible journey so far with Mr. Azuan. I look forward learning more and more from him. Thanks to Young Corporate Malaysians for the wonderful opportunity!



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