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Part 9: Perth City – random snapshots

Perth City – a city where you would most likely meet a Malaysian within 1 minute of walking at any streets within the CBD. Still it’s a nice city, good shopping and nice place to spend time doing people watching 🙂

There’s plenty of blog posts online detailing tourist attractions within Perth CBD and since I did not really spend too much time exploring the city’s attractions, I would only share random photos that I took 🙂 Do ask if you need to know more about these places.


Murray and Hay Street malls are the most famous place for shopping. You would be able to find the major stores here. Or simply grab a coffee (hot chocolate for non-coffee drinker like me) and enjoy the ambience 🙂



I’m an outlet guy. So if you’re like me who loves a bit out-of-season but value-for-money stuff, hop into one of the free Yellow CAT busses (or wait for 15 minutes) to the Harbour Town Brand Direct Outlet.





Tips: Grab a bite at Burger Edge at Harbour Town (or few more outlets around town), Burger Edge uses only Halal Beef and Chicken. However as it is not a Halal environment (use of salami, ham and bacon in their burgers), customers are requested to alert counter staff to avoid cross contamination on grills and preparation areas. They were happy to use a clean set of grills upon our request for “halal burgers”. Anyway, halal food is no issue at all in the city as most of the food courts will have at least 1 outlet that serves halal food.


King’s Park is a must-visit park in Perth. I would recommend to jog there in the early morning or evening and enjoys the beautiful park and view of the city.










While i would strongly advice for people to explore areas beyond Perth CBD, I can alsu guarantee that you would not regret to at least spend a day in the city doing some shopping and short sightseeing 🙂

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