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Part 7: Yanchep National Park & The Crystal Cave

This is the continuation of my #PerthPlusPlus stories. Long overdue, no excuse. Just my priorities were a bit upside down towards the end of 2014 hence the lack of updates. Nevertheless, here’s a commitment to finish the remaining posts by mid January 🙂

After a couple of days exploring Lancelin, Cervantes and the surrounding areas, it was time to head back to the city. The 3-hour drive from Cervantes to the city is quite a scenic drive as what I shared here, but still it was a tiring one as we were in a holiday-mood. Hence came the spontaneous idea to stop somewhere in between Cervantes and Perth.

After some on-the-go googling, we noticed that Yanchep National Park is an attraction located along our planned route. A perfect pitstop. Thanks to our GPS, we found ourselves at the entrance of Yanchep National Park slightly pass noon on a nice sunny day. Entrance Fee: $12 per car.


Located just 50km from Perth City, Yanchep National Park is a nice place for families to enjoy a quiet and peaceful day. Koalas, Kangaroos and a few other wildlife can be seen roaming at different sections of the park which makes it interesting for tourists as well.

We started with Koala spotting.


Not the best kind of activity when it’s mid-day as wildlife tent to stay in shaded areas (at least that’s what I was told!). Can you see it? 🙂


After a couple of minutes, we spotted a few more koala bears that can be seen sleeping high up in gum trees within the fenced off enclosure.



The best part about any parks that I’ve visited in Australia is how well it is being maintained. The lawns in front of the lake are well kept and there are facilities for barbeques and picnic areas. I was told by locals that visitors come from the city to enjoy this beautiful lake which is indeed a beautiful sight.



Something for wildflower fans!




While wildlife and the lake at Yanchep National Park attract lots of visitors, in my opinion the best thing about this Park is its caves. We forked out an additional $11 per person to check out the Crystal Cave!


When I think about a cave, I always imagine it is like the caves in Malaysia where a considerable amount of hiking/trekking is required. I’m so pleased that that’s not the case for Crystal Cave. It is an underground cave!


The Crystal Cave is Perth’s only tourist cave where visitors can experience an underground wonderland full of natural cave elements such as stalagmites, helictites, columns and shawls.


Amazing 45-minute experience!





The tour guide was very informative (and passionate!) about the cave.


A nice layman term explanation on how the cave was first discovered as well as the science behind how caves and crystals are formed. There was also a “guessing game” which I don’t want to share here not to spoil the excitement 🙂


Definitely a “must-go” experience if you are visiting Yanchep National Park.

Before leaving the Park, we drove around looking for an empty spot to enjoy our packed lunch and perform our prayers. That’s when we spotted this nice field with hardly anyone there and almost 30 Kangaroos!


Like a kid in the playground, we spent almost an hour snapping photos and trying to get as close as possible to the Kangaroos. Take note that they are wildlife and will run!





A perfect way to end our day though I wish we had arrived earlier and spent the whole day at this Park. 🙂

Next up, Perth City!

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