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Travel and aviation with Azuan Zahdi: Tourism Buzz – MyTourismTV

On the last week of October, I had the opportunity to be featured on the “Tourism Buzz” segment on MyTourismTV.


It is definitely an honour to be able to share a bit of my passion towards aviation and travel. Obviously I still have to learn a lot about being on TV but it was nevertheless a fun learning experience.

Thank you to Miss Azaria Tagaya and MyTourismTV for this opportunity.


The interview was done in a cool café in TTDI – Kaffe Café.




Click here or the photo below to view the interview.


About MyTTV

Working together with Tourism Malaysia, www.mytourismtv.com (MyTTV) is an internet TV portal that intends to introduce both local and international travelers alike to all the wonders that Malaysia has to offer. Viewers choose us because of video-on-demand capabilities, focused content, and on-the-go accessibility. You can also easily link our programs to your own website or social media accounts.

MyTTV will highlight the beautiful regional attractions in Malaysia and major tourist spots that are filled with rich heritage, the wonders of nature, and daily happenings, making you feel closer to Malaysia as you never have before. That’s why we would love to feature you on our channel!

This is my second time going on TV talking about tourism, the first one here on MHI TV3.

Thank you for the opportunity and don’t forget to hit “Like” on MyTourismTravel Facebook Page.

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