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“Terus Cekal dan Terbang Tinggi di Langit” #MalaysiaAirlines #FlyingHigh #ShortFilm

Malaysia Airlines recently released a very meaningful and touching short film TERBANG, A Malaysian Story.

A simple and predictable storyline but with lots of deep messages that I can relate to what both the airline and Malaysia are going through right now, trying to bounce back from the unfortunate events that happened this year.

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Watch it a couple of times and you will realise that an airline is just like a big family or a community.

You will need each other regardless old or young. Everyone has their own experience and expertise. A mastermind (in this case the Wau Bukan maker Atok) would not be able to build that Wau without the help and buy-in of his family members (internal) and those offering materials such as the uncle selling kanji and the uncle providing bamboos (external). Read between the lines.

This short film also portrays a nice unity and Merdeka message which fits well with the timing of the release. Even the Chinese boy bringing the kanji was wearing a “Harimau Muda” lookalike jersey!

On a lighter side, the team behind the short film has inserted a couple of Easter eggs. I’ve found at least two. Leave your comment below if you found it as well 🙂

Overall it is refreshing to see Malaysia Airlines coming out with such good quality of short film which is a great way to kick-start this journey to “terbang tinggi”. Kudos to the team and all the best.


I’ve seen many well written notes showing support for Malaysia Airlines on newspapers and the Internet. Since the day MH17 got shot, I’ve been trying to write/blog something about it as well but I got too emotional each time and never get to finish what I started.

Anyhow, below is a short note that I dedicate to my friends out there fighting hard during this tough times to bring back the glory of the airline. You guys are real heroes.


Photo 01-09-2014 08 35 23

Dear Malaysia Airlines,

When the MH370 and MH17 disasters struck, a big part of me felt sad. I’m not a staff of the airline nor I am shareholder but I’m a proud Malaysian and this is our airline.

As a Malaysian, an aviation enthusiast and a not-so frequent flyer on the national carrier, that red and blue Wau logo is very close to my heart. It is a symbol of national pride, proudly flying high our Jalur Gemilang in metropolis such as London and Sydney or places as remote as Ba’kelalan.

It has been a tough year. Just when I thought that the 9M-MDM incident last year was the worst thing that could happen to an airline with such an excellent safety record, I was proven to be wrong…. twice.


Today Sept 8th, marks the 6th months anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of 9M-MRO and tomorrow two more remains from the 9M-MRD crash will return to Malaysia. On top of these unfortunate incidents, the battle to turnaround the profitability of the airline continues at a faster pace.


It seems like this is a long-haul journey for the airline and it has been one bumpy ride so far. But I guess just like any bumpy flights, the series of dark clouds will eventually clear. Be strong, bounce back and soar high!


“walau apa-apa pun kelemahan kita, tak terlambat untuk kita saling mebaiki diri sendiri…”


As an aviation enthusiast, I plan to show my support by continuing to fly on Malaysia Airlines whenever possible. I might be crazy enough to book myself on an “MAS adventure” flying on all types of their aircraft from twin otter to and A380. Lets see how it goes.

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