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Dotonbori, A Street that Never Sleeps

This is yet another long overdue blog post but I am determine more than ever to catch up with my previous stories. So let’s continue with the #KyotoAkuDatang series. Click here to re-cap on my previous posts on this Osaka/Kyoto trip.

Kyoto was exactly what we had expected. Traditional, scenic, touristy and very calm. I love the 2 days that we spent in Kyoto and really hope that we could have spent a couple more days there. Perhaps on our future trips to Japan.

The train that my wife and I took to Osaka on our Day 3 was pretty much like a “time travel” train. Not that because it is fast, but because of the fact that the nearer we got to Osaka, the more we felt that we are entering a different era. Neon lights, tall buildings, urban ambience starts to kick in as the train approaches the Osaka Umeda train station. From Umeda we joined the crowd rushing back from work to catch the subway to our hotel in Dotonbori.

No Japan trip is complete without being lost in a train station. Ok I made that up. Took us some time to figure out our way to the hotel after reaching the Namba station. It was very confusing to see so many exits and constant flow of commuters walking towards different directions. Having to drag 2 medium-sized luggages made it even more interesting 🙂

On our first night we decided to check out the area surrounding our hotel. Dotonbori, a famous street in Osaka city well known as a tourist spot and home to hundreds of shops and restaurants.


A complete contrast from Kyoto. It was just BRIGHT and alive!


The famous Glico Man billboard. Icon of Dotonbori.



Plenty of restaurants, including halal Pakistani shops. However most of the restaurants on the main street are Japanese restaurants (duh!)



Street food in particular Takoyaki is a must! We had dozens of it over the 3 days stay in Osaka.


A typical Japanese restauraunt.



Dinner is served.


Dotonbori is also a good place to get some souvenirs. I highly recommend this Glico-men + Kuidaore Taro (drummer clown dude) shop.

We had Takoyaki for appetizer, Sashimi for Dinner, and of course ice-cream from the vending machine for dessert.

Connected to Dotonbori’s main street is Shinsaibashi, a famous spot for shopping. From Uniqlo to Daiso to high-end western brands, you can find it all here.


Also a great place for people watching.


Also located in this area is the place that has quite high probability of meeting another Malaysian, the Hard Rock Cafe shop! hehe

Dotonbori never sleeps. It is the heart and soul of Osaka. I’m glad we dragged ourselves out of the hotel room to explore this area at night despite having long tiring days in Osaka. Next up, tour of Osaka’s attractions!

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