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#PrayforMH370 – Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 Goes Missing

As I was enjoying my breakfast at 7:45am this morning, I saw a rather disturbing update on Malaysia Airlines Facebook page.


At that point of time, I really thought it was part of a drill or an update mistakenly updated by MAS Social Media team. It does not take long before news agencies begin reporting about a missing Boeing 777-200. Breaking news tweets on the missing 9M-MRO, Boeing 777-200 start to flood twitter’s timeline and any hope of it being a mistake became highly unlikely.

According to the reliable FlightRada24, the beautiful Boeing 777-200 was last located on the radar at 35,000 feet above South China Sea.


I personally have flown on MAS’ Boeing 777-200 to destinations as far as New York, Stockholm and Jeddah and have always find the aircraft a very comfortable bird even during flying through bumpy weather. Despite the slightly aging interior, the 11-years old aircraft is relatively still young and have many more years of service before it mysteriously disappear from radar this morning.

Let us continue to be positive as the search effort continues. My thoughts and prayers are with the family members of flight #MH370. Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya.


On a different note, I personally urge everyone to stop doing the following 2 things:

a) Spreading unconfirmed or hoax news like the plane has landed in Nanning.
b) Making insensitive tweets with stupid remarks or jokes. An aviation safety is never a joke and please keep your awful sense of humour to yourself.

I plan to follow up on a story to reveal the “keyboard warriors” behind those irresponsible tweets. Till then let us continue to pray for the passengers and crew of MH370.

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  1. passerby March 9, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Most Malaysians would have flown MAS especially back those days before Air Asia and whatever budget airlines there are. There was once when people talked about how unsafe budget airlines are. If the ticket is cheap, then everything else would be cheap and of low quality. Air accidents can happen whether or not the airline is premium or otherwise. As for now, the latest piece of news is the Vietnamese authorities have found some fragments. In addition to the oil slick. Relatives would want to see the ugly truth. The more uncomfortable piece of news are the two fake passports. In a way this is a blessing in disguise. We now know that our security system is not secured at all. The gomen talks about transformation. It should transform itself first before telling others to do so. Transform the security system. Hope that the recovery team would recover more tangible things.

  2. Clive March 11, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Informative as always.
    yang sebar sebarkan info info yang tak sah dan main main dengan situasi mcm ni,tak paham la apa yang tgh bermain kat kepala dorang. maybe dorang thrilled kot, tgk tragedi mcm ni. =_=

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