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Real Flying Experience @ SimFlightKL

First and foremost, allow me to express my deepest apologies to those who have been waiting for the results of my SimFlightKL simulator experience giveaway. Please be assured that the contest is very much still valid and I have shortlisted the winners for the contest. You will be contacted via e-mail or your social media sometime this week so that we can sort out the logistics for the free sim experience 🙂

I have been quite occupied with work but more new posts will be on AzuanZahdi.com starting March, insyaAllah.

Thank you to everyone that shared my recent post on my experience at SimFlightKL on your social media platform. That blog post receives quite a good coverage and therefore allow me to continue with the second part of my SimFlightKL review.

Click here if you have missed my part 1 review of SimFlightKL.


A day after the fun simulator experience, I was invited by Capt Amin to check out another attraction offered by SimFlightKL which is the “Real Flying Experience”. I think this is a brilliant concept where visitors or “virtual pilots” that fly the A320 or B737-800 simulators at SimFlightKL can also combine their package with a real flying experience on a real general aviation aircraft! Sure it is not a jetliner but a general aviation aircraft like a Cessna or a Piper can still provide a fun learning experience to a non-pilot like me. 🙂

We started the session back in SimFlightKL with a short briefing by Capt Amin and his staff. Elements of safety were also part of the pre-flight briefing. Although it is a “small plane”, it is still a real flying experience so safety is the highest priority at any time.


Explanation on the circuits that we will be performing in the 30 minutes flight.


Our ride for the day, 9M-CTM, a Piper Warrior II aircraft.


Owned by Subang Flying Club, this is a beautiful plane despite its age. Just like married man, age doesn’t really matter for general aviation aircraft as long as it is being maintained well. Hehe


Capt Amin asked me to tag along with him as he performed checks on the aircraft exterior, a common practice in flying.


Being an aviation geek, this is when I bombarded him with 1001 questions on flying. “Bila lagi nak tanya kan!


“All systems go!”. Note to Subang Flying Club can I volunteer to wash the planes on weekends? 😛


New leather seats for 9M-CTM. 🙂 Those that never try flying on a GA plane might find it a bit claustrophobic and stuffy but I can assure you it will get more comfortable once the aircraft is flying.


The dials and gauges of the Piper panel. Capt Amin explained to me on most of the important instruments which serves similar purposes as per the instruments on SimFlightKL simulators.


The comms radio. No, tuning to 92.9 won’t give you Hitz.FM.


After getting clearance from the tower, Capt Amin taxied the aircraft to the active runway.


Within minutes, we were airborne in between the departure and arrivals of ATR72s.



Left circuit.


Selfie at 1,000 feet 😛


The first “Touch and Go”. No, not the one on highways. In aviation, it means landing on a runway and taking off again without coming to a full stop.




From time to time, during non-crucial stage of the flight, I was given the chance to feel the controls of the Piper, under close supervision of Capt Amin of course.


I would lie if i say that i wasn’t excited holding the yoke. Despite the fact that it was not my first time having controls of a small plane, it was still one heck of a feeling. A bit of my childhood dream of flying a plane became a reality everytime Capt Amin said “You have control”.


A thumb up! That’s a good sign.


No hands, all me! 😛


Safely on the ground after 20-30 minutes of circuit flying. If I recall correctly we did 3 sets with one on holding pattern.


One for the album!


A quick peek at the famous aircraft that toured around the world!


The “real flying experience” is highly recommended for those wanting to experience the similarities and difference between real flying and simulators. The good news is that SimFlightKL provides packages that can combine the real flying and simulator experience at an affordable price. Check out their website or Facebook page for more details.

Thank you to Capt Amin and SimFlightKL for inviting AzuanZahdi.com to review both the sims and the real flying. We wish you all the best and blue skies to SimFlightKL!

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