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#TSDayOut: Slackline @ Damai Extreme Park

“Kau pergi main lompat getah ke bro?”

That was the first comment I received on my Facebook when I uploaded this photo.


At one glance, it might look like a girlish activity of ‘lompat getah’ but it is actually a cool sport that is being played worldwide.

Introducing Slacklining.


A balance sport that combines the physical demands of sports like gymnastics with the mental aspects of sports like yoga. A sport where a person balances on a line that’s tensioned between two anchors and perform stuff like walking, jumping and hundreds other tricks. Remember the tightrope walking acts you see during circus shows? Ok that is not slacklining, that is just my imagination. 😛

Here’s a more accurate “what is slacklining?” definition from Slackline KL’s website.

Well, it’s a sport where a person balances on a line that’s tensioned between two anchors (like trees, for instance). The line is not tight like a tight-rope but is slack, bouncy and pretty much resembles a giant rubber band. The challenge of standing up on it to balance is commendable, let alone walking it. The best part about it? ANYONE and EVERYONE can do it. Given some practice, patience and persistence, you’ll be taking your first steps in no time.


Slackliners enthusiasts have been around in Malaysia for quite some time, but the activity can still be seen as a new thing in Malaysia. It is so new and unknown that if anyone try performing some slacklining activities at public parks, it might attract curious lookers as well as concerned authorities.

It’s a good and healthy sport so I personally believe slacklining deserves some positive coverage and this is where i think #TSDayOut and #TSBreakAway blends in nicely.

#TSdayOut: Slacklining @ Gua Damai Extreme Park is another outing organised by Tourism Selangor to promote various unique tourism products within the state. I was once again fortunate to be chosen as one of the participants.


Gua Damai Extreme Park, venue chosen for the activity.


“Dalam banyak-banyak kawasan aman damai, yang mana paling extreme?” – Adam self-proclaimed #TeamForeverAlone trying his luck with a teka teki while registering.


*krik krik krik*


“hi slacker….”


Try calling someone that and most likely you will get a not-so-pleasant response. But these people are actually proud to be called a “slacker”. A professional slacklining enthusiast.

A short welcoming remarks by Dian and a brief overview of slacklining by Helena Foo, the “chief slackers” of Slackline KL. Ok I made that up but lebih kurang lah.


Formality. The “in case if I die due to falling from a line a foot high, please do not laugh at me” form.


In small groups, participants took turns to try the basics of slacklining starting with the most basic skill of standing on the line for a good few seconds.

Sounds very simple.


I was wrong. It’s everything but simple. At least for the first few attempts.



We started walking on the line while holding on to the shoulder of our partner. See what I told you in my previous post here about #TSDayOut being a perfect platform to meet people? (Hint: Adam #ForeverAlone!). As I was walking to the prettiest girl in the group to offer my shoulder, a few of the guys intercepted and held on to me instead. Kacau betul. Instead I had lots of #BROmance moments lah!



Just like life’s ups & downs and just like the lyrics of a Metallica song, “You rise you fall your down and you rise again”. One by one, we started to master the skills of standing and walking on the line. No more supporting shoulder!



Ok I lied again. The rest might have mastered it but I continued to fall. Just like life, when you fall, you explore other things 😛 So I went around and start taking candid photos of the participants.



The group continued with other tricks including this one trick that requires participants to bend down and pick up the balls.



The easiest – “bersila” on the line.


Even that I struggled.


Juggling on the line. Salute!


Slackers from Slackline KL showed some jump tricks and it was really impressive. Endless possibilities on what one can perform on the line once the basics have been mastered.


I was told that a strong core/abs help a lot in balancing. Something that is obviously missing in me 😛 #alasan

Still it was a fun couple of hours mingling with other participants. Lots of smiles and laughter and as expected no one got injured from the activities. A great way to spend a Saturday.


For those wanting more info on Slackline, check out their website and FB page.


#TSDayOut: Slacklining @ Gua Damai Extreme Park ended with a simple lunch + prize giving ceremony for the best photos.


En Fazli and Renuga giving out the prizes.


Another awesome #TSDayOut. Unfortunately it’s the last one for the year but let us all not stop exploring and continue to discover what Selangor has to offer 🙂

TSDayOut’s official website: http://www.tsdayout.my/
Slackline KL: http://slacklinekl.wix.com/slacklinekl
Adameben 😛 : http://adameben.blogspot.com/


  1. RaW | Ramble and Wander December 6, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Pergh! Ni cerita pasal slacklining or nak promote Adam ni? *tanya dgn nada jealous nak dpt mention gak* 😉 Haha!

    But haish! How did I miss this? Stress betul! Looks like you guys had lots of fun, main getah or no getah. And oh, that guy juggling while slacklining? Salute!

  2. :) December 7, 2013 at 1:13 am

    Ehem ehem… Hehe

  3. eyriqazz December 10, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Menarik bro event dia…

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