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#TSDayOut Battlefield Live Malaysia – As Real As It Gets!

This is a #throwback post of an event that I participated in September 2013.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Weather was perfect and most people were either still enjoying their weekend sleep or enjoying the delicious and ‘sinful’ Malaysian breakfast of Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak. At 720am, I was driving along Federal Highway accompanied by @adameben as we head towards Hulu Langat, Selangor, home to many nature and less-known tourism and adventure activities.


It’s battle time. #TSDayOut style!


An initiative by Tourism Selangor, #TSDayOut is an effective platform to promote various unique tourism products within the state. Started in October 2011, multiple sessions of #TSDayOut have since been carried out across the state covering different themes such as nature, adventure, eco-tourism and medical tourism. Check out my previous #TSDayOut write-ups here, here and here.

I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the forty participants of this latest outing, the #TSDayOut: Battlefield Live Malaysia.


A hybrid of paintball and laser tag, Battlefield Live Malaysia is the latest adventure simulation franchise to hit the shores of Malaysia. Utilising the technology of infrared and sensor recognition, Battlefield Live is an exciting authentic combat experience using sophisticated gaming guns.



Unlike paintball, Battlefield Live does not requires the use of palettes and causes no bruises making it a suitable game for everyone regardless of fitness level, experience, age or gender. So it is suitable for those not wanting to go home with so many bruises or “love bites”. 😛



As I’ve not been participating in many previous #TSDayOut activities, it was kind of a newbie experience for me. Nevertheless the beauty of any Tourism Selangor activities is that it is so easy to meet new people and build new network of friends. So those who are still looking for life partner or always claim to be #ForeverAlone, go join #TSDayOut as well (hint: @adameben) hehe


We were randomly divided into four groups – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta.


We were welcomed by the founder and owner of Battlefield Live Malaysia, Mej Shafiee bin Sulaiman (retired). Participants were briefed on the rules and regulations and how to handle the S.A.T.R gaming guns. Mej Shafiee’s vast military background and experience with war simulation games helped formed the various game modes and scenarios available at Battlefield Live Malaysia.


The first round was a “Capture the Flag” battle where both teams had to either kill the opponent’s leader or capture their battle box. Seconds after the first game started, I realised that the game is as real as it gets. The M4 carbine that I was carrying looks exactly like the one used in many action movies. There were times that I had to make split-second decisions of either to help my teammates that were being ambushed or remain hidden in the bushes. It was quite an adrenaline rush!


Losing the first game badly proves that communication and teamwork are the two most important aspects of the game. We were a group of strangers and everyone tried to be the Rambo of the team. Gradually we started to get to know each other personally and start utilizing everyone’s strength to form a better strategy.


While the game provides a lot of fun, it also highlights the importance of planning and strategy. With the right strategy being applied, the game gets simpler and it is more effective to deploy the team resources in a coordinated manner.


After multiple rounds of battle in different game modes, team Charlie was crowned as #TSDayOut Battlefield Live Malaysia winner. While the winners walked away with medals, I brought home a sense of satisfaction of being able experience something new along with an unintended souvenir, a leech.


Head on to http://www.battlefieldlivemalaysia.com/ for more information on Battlefield Live Malaysia and check out http://tsdayout.my/ for #TSDayOut past and upcoming activities.

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