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Umrah Trip 2013: Hudaibiyah Mosque, Camels and Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques Architecture

Alhamdulillah, our umrah trip last May went on smoothly as planned. It was a memorable 14 days in Makkah and Madinah with most of the time spent in the holy mosques performing umrah and prayers. It’ amazing how a trip this hectic can be so satisfying and peaceful and I now understand why more people are going for umrah every year.

I feel it is best for me not to share my experience and the process of performing Umrah here instead I’ll just blog about the ‘lighter’ part of the trip. I’ll start with sharing some photos of our visit to Hudaibiyah in particular the Hudaibiyah Mosque, some random “Ladang Unta” and the Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques Architecture.

Hudaibiyah has a place in Islamic history. The Treaty of Hudaibiyah was one of the most outstanding events and proved to be a turning point in the Islamic history. Click here to read about it.


A mosque was erected at the place where holy Prophet (peace be upon him) offered prayers during his stay in Hudaibiyah. Today the mosque is one of the places where Umrah pilgrims perform their Miqat.


Next to the existing mosque.


Also a few minutes away (by bus) from the mosque is a famous place to check out camels. Yup, it is common to see a visit to “ladang unta” being included in the itinerary of any umrah trip. I was quite disappointed that it’s not really a large scale “ladang unta” but more of showcase of camels. Nevertheless it’s quite fun to see these camels up close.


Camel might not be the biggest or fastest animals out there but they are quite adorable!


And more importantly there’s something that we can learn from camels.

Why do they not reflect on the camels and how they are created? (88:17)

Visitors are allowed to feed the camels and the ones here are probably so use of having visitors that it was so easy snapping photos of them in action.



Fresh Camel milk anyone? Not me 🙂


A common thing in Saudi Arabia, praying area. No need for a fancy surau or masjid. Even in the middle of desert there’s no excuse of “no place to pray”. A good reminder to myself.


Our third stop for the day was the Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques Architecture.


Phew.. what a long name! This is an interesting place to learn more about the history and future plans for the two holy Mosques, Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi.



Some of the exhibits:







It’s a praiseworthy effort for the Government to run this exhibition. The only feedback is how every group was only given a very short time to visit each section before being asked to leave. Probably because of the large number of visitors at that time.

A nice and short tour before we head back to Makkah 🙂

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