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#NepalAkuDatang Part 5: Trekking Day 3 – Pothana to Dhampus

Day 3 was our last trekking day in Nepal, covering a short distance from Pothana to Dhampus. After two gruelling days covering almost 30km of uphill and downhill trekking on stone steps from Nayapul to Ghandruk (click here to read) and Ghandruk to Pothana (click here to read), day 3 promises a short one hour scenic trek to meet the truck waiting for us at Dhampus. Our journey for day 3 is highlighted in orange in the map below.

Rise and shine.


We stayed in a very basic lodge but to wake up to this kind of view is priceless.


Good morning Nepal.


While the view of the mountains is not as up-close as the view from Ghandruk, it was still a nice feeling to have breakfast while enjoying the sight of the mountains.


Gurung fried bread with honey and ‘poached egg Nepal style’!


Prayer flags – a common sight along the mountain path in Nepal.


The start of day 3 trekking in Pothana.



Easier downwards trek but after 2 full days of walking our knees started to send signals for us to go easy on the pace.


The mountains kept us entertained. While it was not really an up-close view, it was nice to see the view from Pothana and Dhampus as the distance enables a more panoramic and sweeping view of the mountains.


Got to love the stone steps after three days!


Australian Camp, another common destination along the trek. Maybe next time 🙂


Fishtail on a clear day 🙂



A ‘forest’ trek for about 30 minutes.




Dhamphus – the finishing line of our 3 day trek! Alhamdulillah we completed the 3-day trek with no major incidents and lots of interesting stories.


With our permits. The proof that we have set foot on a small portion of Annapurna trek.


With Durbar and Maddy of Trekking Team.


AzuanZahdi.com was here – #NepalAkuDatang!


Usually trekkers would continue to trek until Pedhi from Dhampus but we had a flight to catch so a 4WD truck waited for us at Dhampus.


It was a fun 45 minutes ride from Dhampus to Phedi and Pokhara. A few ‘corner baring’ turns along the way.


Good bye Ghandruk loop. Till we meet again next time.


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Interested to Trek in Nepal? I strongly recommend Trekking Team Prvt Ltd. Leave a comment below and I’ll hook you up with them. Also if you enjoy this story and the photos, do leave some feedback below as well.

Our adventure continues with the journey from Pokhara to Kathmandu and back to … (to be continued).

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