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A Day at Universal Studios Singapore

My trip to Singapore last April with my buddies was mainly to catch Harimau Muda in action (click here to read). It was a satisfying feeling to be able to cheer for Harimau Muda away from home. While the game was only 90-minutes, we stayed in Singapore for 2 nights and one of our side objectives of the trip is to visit the Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

It was the first-time trip to the Universal Studios Singapore for all three of us so we knew it is worthwhile to dedicate a whole day just to get the full experience of the park. It made perfect sense as we could use some entertainment after Harimau Muda lost the game the previous night.

As early as 8am on a Saturday, we were all set at the entrance of the Universal Studios.

Tickets to USS were bought online through the official website and my Malaysian Maybank Credit Card enabled me to enjoy some significant discounts 🙂 Alternatively check out Adameben’s tips on getting the best priced tickets. There are a couple of ways to get better deal on the ticket so the last thing you want to do is to buy at the entrance.

Weather was not on our side as it was raining from the early morning but that didn’t stop us from hitting the park the moment the doors open.

Our first stop was “Lights Camera Action by Steven Spielberg”. It was a strategic move to stop here first as many other visitors were rushing towards the Transformers Ride. We were one of the earliest at Lights Camera Action and had to wait for a while for others to join before the show started.

It was fun being up-close with the movie effects and my camera got a bit too close to get wet! After the 15 minutes show, we joined the rest of the crowd at Transformers The Ride.

Transformers The Ride had the longest queue among all the rides that we tried on that day. About 30 minutes of queuing. Thankfully they had design the queue line in such a way that queuing is part of the experience with videos and effects that build up towards the ride’s storyline.

The ride was fun and thrilling. It is the best effort in giving visitors a feel of being a transformer robot. Awesome graphics and motion control of the seats. The only thing is I feel that the ride is too short especially after the long queue.

Just next to Transformers is my favourite ride in USS – definitely the Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN®
Zooming at speeds of 82.8 km/h, the HUMAN Viper Mark II is a seated coaster that propels you 14 storeys into the air while pursuing your enemy (USS’s Website)

I decided to just stick to the Human ride and skipped the Cyclon version which is more thrilling. 2 rounds of the Human version are enough adrenaline for me for a day! 🙂 My advice to all those “penakut” like me is to go on Battlestar Galactica first then all the other rides would be a piece of cake!

The Lost World is another exciting park within USS. Canopy Flyer is a must-try. Not too thrilling but fun enough for all. Tips: If you are in a small group of 2-3, break-up and be individual riders. There’s a specific line for single riders to fill in empty seats every round.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is quite fun especially for family and large group of friends. A splashing fun as all will get wet…really wet. Cool dry pods available at the exit of the ride.

While at the Lost World, we took a break to enjoy the Waterworld show.

This is the same exact show in other Universal Studios so it didn’t elevate my excitement level that much.

But still kudos to the few local talents that I believe was as good as the one I saw in the US.

At the Ancient Egypt zone, Revenge of the Mummy, an enclosed steel roller coaster is the main attraction. I like the effects of this ride as it really gives visitors a feel of being in the movie. Detailed sounds, graphics and excellent interior design make it one of the best rides at USS Singapore.

Another great thing to do at Universal Studios is to go a “character hunt”. Walk-around the park to spot many characters from different movies which are ever ready to pose with you.

There are various shows throughout the day. I particularly like this show. Very 70s.

Finding Halal food is not an issue in USS. We enjoyed 2 full meals throughout the day at 2 different themed restaurants.

While waiting for the food to settle down, we checked out the Far Far Away zone, where it is often the most crowded area as it caters more towards the younger crowd.

Ahh… I like to be categorised as young as well so we went on to check out the rides here and Shrek 4D Adventure is the most fun with a smart combination of 4D technology and good old fun elements of the characters in Shrek.

Donkey Live is something unique and cute 🙂

For those who are looking for a roller coaster ride but want something not too thrilling, Enchanted Airways is the answer.

After a day of fun, there is no better way to relax than by enjoying the Universal Studios Singapore Parade.

This is not anywhere near a complete guide to Universal Studios Singapore but I hope this post gives you a rough idea on what to expect from the park. Just take your time and be free and enjoy the Universal Studios Singapore!

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  1. mandy September 5, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN® exciting? will raise blood pressure or not?

  2. Nabilla February 7, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    salam. nk naik ride perlu bayar harga lain or dah include in entrance fee? kalau perlu bayar, berapa ye? sy plan nk bawa family jalan2 ke uss 🙂

  3. Yusrina Rahayu June 30, 2013 at 1:53 am

    Salam..sy bercadang nak bawa family ke sana..
    Mudah tak nak cari makanan halal di sana? Sbb ada yg kata makanan halal takde or susah nak cari.
    Harap dpt maklumat dr anda.
    Sy membawa anak2 kecil

  4. Travel Delight November 13, 2013 at 6:57 pm


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    I am from a travel agency in Singapore that sells discounted tickets to Universal Studios Singapore and other Singapore attractions. My customers always ask about what there is inside Universal Studios Singapore, so your post is really helpful!

    Next time, I can direct my customers to your page to look at samples of inside Universal Studios Singapore.

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  5. Alex February 8, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    Yeah! I love Universal Studio. Very fun and exciting experience. Hrm, browsing your activity, think I just miss out the Waterworld show.

    *But most of the time spent on queuing. @@

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