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Live on MHI TV3: AzuanZahdi.com!

Never in a million years did I think I’d find myself being featured on live TV across Malaysia!

When I received a message last Friday from the producer of MHI TV3 asking me to be on the show as a guest, it took me a few seconds to convince myself that I was not day-dreaming! After a couple of phone calls and applying leave from work, I was all set to be one of the two bloggers to be featured on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) on 28th May 2012.

I was supposed to be in Sri Pentas by 7am. Not wanting to take any risk, I left Shah Alam as early as 6:00am after Subuh prayer and arrived at 6:30am. It’s the school holiday lah, so traffic was good!

I thought I was early but Cath-J, the other blogger to be interviewed was there earlier than me waiting anxiously at the waiting room. Together with us in the waiting room was a genius school girl who invented a cool device that won some awesome awards in Korea and Romania. I can see how proud both the father and mother were when they were talking about the daughter’s success.

Since we were scheduled to be on the first segment, we were the first to be called up for some make-up action @ the make-up room next door.

They spent about 2 minutes with me but about 10 minutes doing make-up for Cath-J. I was tempted to be funny and ask “my face is beyond repair is it, so 2 minutes is enough?” but I decided to keep it to myself. :P

The crew were running here and there and in a matter of minutes we were ushered in to the Studio. Geared up with cordless mics and we were ready to rock the show!

Zahan Rashid and Ally Iskandar, 2 friendly hosts introduced us as “pakar bloggers”. I am never a pakar and not a famous blogger but I’m thankful of what I had achieved with AzuanZahdi.com.

Based on comments online (MHI’s Facebook) some viewers are not happy with Zahan’s style in hosting the show but I think she was quite good especially her spontaneous follow up questions.

“Penulis Blog”

First few seconds, I had shaky voice but once the adrenaline starts to kick-in I felt a bit calmer.

We took turn to speak and answer questions from both Zahan and Ally.

Cath-J in action.

I got excited after the first question and that is when my hand gestures started to move along! Haha

2 callers called in but none of them were really asking questions. Lucky for us! Haha

I even had the chance to throw a joke about being a Selangor fan watching a football game in Kelantan. Glad that they found it rather funny.

Courtesy of Tonton.com.my, here’s a video of the interview :)

After about 20 minutes, we left the studio (did not get a chance to snap photos with the hosts due to time constraint).

Back at the waiting room for breakfast.

Datuk DJ Dave, Man Kidal, Liyana Jasmay were at the waiting room as well. “Terasa retis sekejap!” LOL

Overall I think the whole interview and being on-air experience was not too bad :)

I would like to thank the producer for the invitation, MHI and TV3 crew for treating us well, Ally and Zahan for being nice and easy on us, my wife for dressing and waking me up!, Cath-J for being such a nice person(and a great blogger too!) and last but not least to Jay Jamalina who asked me on Twitter what I was doing in Sri Pentas on early Monday Morning. Thanks Jay for tips on staying calm and I actually stole and shared your idea of “holiday” in a hotel room within KL because of nice pillows to the whole country! LOL

MHI done. Bigger things in the future? InsyaAllah! :)




  1. This is awesome! You are good with blogging!!

  2. sikit2 can la Meitzeu…. still learning :)

  3. Way to go! Hopefully this a start to bigger and better things.

  4. I never noticed about that sign ‘penulis blog’ … Until u mentioned it and show the pic!! Omgosh azuan… Hahaha… Lagi lah aku blush…. Mcm org betul2 pakarrrrr… Hahaha… But it was a wonderful experience… Thank you for featuring my whole face here… Habisla nampak kedut.. Hahaha…

    Cheers Azuan.. :D

  5. congrats for both of u…btw nice to read a blog can get more experience good job for both

  6. Congrats! you both did great :D

  7. terbaik la pak wan….

  8. Congrats! Like like like CC”:

  9. fulamak congrats bro… amacam hidup sejak dah ada title selebriti ni?

  10. Wahhh niceee.. Patutnya dorg bukan tulis “Penulis Blog”, kena tulis “Bloggers Retis” situ.. Hehehe..

    • Thanks Bella, takder maknanya Artis. hahahah

      Abng Ben, mana boleh lawan celebrity Langsui!

      Max: Thanks bro

      Dora: Hi, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment :)

      Nix: Tribute to MFSG!

      Amir: Thanks

      Cath-J: what’s next? :P

      Thanks everyone :)

  11. bro,mintak sign…hik3… aku memang jealous tgk ko bercuti selalu ni bro..kadang2 aku wondering,mesti terror mamat ni menyimpan duit dpt pi cuti2 tempat best2..

    any tips bro?

  12. Wow, this blog is awesome, gonna love this blog!

  13. kudos to u..!!!

    • Ayuni: Thank you

      Mulan: thanks :)

      Eyriqazz: Bro, aku menjadikan kau sebagai idola. Kau lagi hebat sampai stewardess air asia mintak sign hahaha bab2 tips simpan duit tu, aku selalu put aside % kecil gaji untuk berjalan. Saja nak nampak hasil penat lelah kerja and selalu top up dgn duit bonus. InsyaAllah boleh jalan.

  14. nice job! you definitely looked calm and cool, nothing really gets on your nerve :)

  15. Wah bro Congrats! Really happy for you! you’re on a different level now ;-)

    • Waalaikumsalam and thanks Aunty Nusrat

  16. Wow, big shot edi ni bro :) You’re very natural on screen. If me sure nervous dah.

    • i was nervous inside bro. Hot host next to me :P


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