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Granite Island and Victor Harbor’s Ocean Adventure Tour

Dolphins, Penguins, Sea Lions and other fascinating and curious creatures around the Granite Island Recreation and Nature Park were our agenda for Day 3 of our Adelaide tour. After a full day of fun time with Australian wildlife in Cleland National Park on the previous day (click here to read), we were set to get wet in discovering what Granite Island has to offer.

A bit about our destination for the day – Granite Island, Victor Harbor:

The township of Victor Harbor has long been a favoured holiday destination. Situated 80km south of Adelaide with a southern ocean frontage, the township offers an enjoyable experience for everyone. The panoramic views of the rugged granite landmark bluff and the well known Granite Island are stunning.

Welcome to Victor Harbour!

Our main agenda for the day, a one-hour boat ride of spectacular ocean adventure experience.

A sightseeing tour on a 7.3m expedition-style rigid inflatable boat (RIB)… cool!

It was a cloudy day and the sea was not that calm making both photography and the ride a bit less-pleasant but it was still very much enjoyable and safe.

The following description was taken from The Big Duck’s website, the boat tour operator as I was too busy taking photos and did not get the chance to capture what was being explained during the boat ride.

We departed from the Granite Island Causeway and cruises slowly between the mainland and the northern side of Granite Island, affording breathtaking views of both the Victor Harbor shoreline and the island.

Once past the breakwater The Big Duck picks up its pace. Seal Rock was our first stop, where New Zealand Fur Seals and Australian Sea Lions can be seen basking in the sun between fishing forays and swimming out to the boat for a sticky-beak!

We then moved on passing the huge granite boulders of Wright Island and the Bluff, with Shark Alley in between where our friendly guide spoke about the whaling history of the area.

Many visitors to Victor Harbor never venture past Petrel Cove on the western side of the Bluff, but this is where passengers on The Big Duck are in for a real treat!

West Island is a Conservation Park, complete with a research hut used by the universities and park rangers, no, not that Park Rangers with RM18m jersey sponsorship 😛.

From the back of the island another colony of seals and sea lions can often be seen basking on the rocks and swimming in the shallows.

Seabirds abound in this remote area and often pods of common and bottlenose dolphins can be spotted playing or feeding. Unfortunately none of our cameras managed to snap the cute dolhpins!

The Big Duck heads further west past the darkly spectacular cliffs of Kings Beach and Waitpinga before turning around and heading back to Granite Island

Safely back in Granite Island!

Plenty of scenic views around the Island

Victor Harbor’s Horse Drawn Tram is a famous attraction connecting Victor Harbour and Granite Island, unfortunately it was closed for some works during our visit.

Because of the tram closure, we had to walk back to Victor Harbor which was not too bad as it gave us the opportunity to admire the beautiful sunset.

.. and had a good seafood dinner before we left!

End of Day 3 🙂

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