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Singapore Airshow 2012: Another Awesome Experience!

The Singapore Airshow is back!

After attending the 2010’s edition of the Singapore Airshow (click here to read), I’ve become a big fan of this biennial event. It is by far the biggest aviation event in the region with a great mixture of general, civilian, business and military aviation action throughout the week.

Despite the usual beginning-of-the-year workload at the office, I’ve ensured that the weekend of 18th Feb 2012 is reserved for the Singapore Airshow. After purchasing the ticket online and collecting it at a local ticketing agent in KL, I was all set for the 2012 Singapore Airshow.

Unlike in 2010, this year I made my way to Changi Exhibition Centre for the Airshow via a different route.

KLIA – Johor Bahru – Woodlands – Changi T3 – Changi Exhibition Centre

On the morning of the 18th Feb 2012 I find myself crossing to Singapore, experiencing Singapore’s efficient public transportation. It took me a total of 60 minutes to travel from Johor Bahru to Changi Exhibition Centre.

Welcome to the 2012 Singapore Airshow!

Bigger and better 🙂

It is unfortunate that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner did not stay on as a static display aircraft during the public days. Nevertheless I was still excited to check out the other static displays including the Queen of the Skies, SIA’s Boeing 747-400, Bombardier and Learjet!

The first catch.

I arrived at the exhibition very early to capture better shots (less people) and also to get this, the limited edition Boeing 747-400 tour and freebies!

I’ve flown on numerous 747 flights but never on a Singapore Airlines Boeing 747.

Unfortunately I was queuing at the wrong queue (freebies instead of boarding pass for the tour) so by the time I got to the right line most of the tour slots were no longer available . Oh well, not my luck! Still it was nice to be so close to the 747 and shot the beautiful queen of the skies from different angles.

At the end of her life cycle with SIA but still looking good and ready to serve for other airlines for many more years to come!

Size doesn’t matter; other smaller aircrafts are equally sexy and attractive.

Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV-X Gulfstream G450

Bombardier Learjet 60

An aircraft that I think is attractive is the Embraer Lineage 1000, a variant of the Embraer 190 regional jet airline

The CRJ-1000.

Some helicopters for those who love to go around and round! :p

The coolest looking aircraft for Singapore Airshow 2012 must be this amphibious beauty, Beriev’s BE-200! Unfortunately the interior is not open for public viewing. I would love to check out the cockpit of this bird!

Although I’m not a fan of military aircraft, somehow this year I was impressed by some of the ‘war-birds’ on display.

US Air Force KC-135

US Navy’s P-3 ORION

Cool looking UAV

The highlight of the show is always the thrilling aerobatic flying displays.

This year the action showcases combination of RSAF Singapore F.16C + F-15G, RAAF Australia Roulettes, Blair Aerosports Australia Rebel 300 and the one that i’m so proud of RMAF Malaysia Smokey Bandits.

The Smokey Bandits in action!

One comment that I made about 2010’s edition of the airshow is the absence of Malaysian participation. Thanks to the Smokey Bandits, we are now part of this great event! Well done. I was so proud to see them in action especially the part with M Nasir’s Mantera Semerah Padi accompanying their moves.

Even these Singapore girls were mesmerized for a good 10 minutes!

The RAAF Australia Roulettes show were awesome as well with some daring moves and tight manoeuvres.

B-52 Bomber did a flypast…. again! Similar to the 2010’s edition. Boring!

After a few hours under the blazing sun, I made my way to the indoor exhibition area to check out the booths. Typical of a public day, not much was displayed and very few freebies were given away.

But still there were some interesting booth like the one from Changi Airport Group.

…with its Butterfly Garden.

Being the largest aviation show in the region, it is high chance that you’ll meet a familiar face, thanks to fellow aviation enthusiast and blogger @adameben for accompanying me towards the end of the show.

Overall it was another satisfying outing for an aviation enthusiast like me. 6 hours of fun staring at various types of aircraft and learning new facts and of course capturing many great shots on my camera.

The only complain is, where is the Malaysian flag? Aren’t we represented by the Smokey Bandits?

Thank you Singapore for a great Airshow. As I was walking away from the event venue, I cannot help but to mention deep inside of me, “How I wish LIMA is half this good!”

Something for us Malaysians to ponder upon.



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