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Yummy-licious Food in Kuantan

After writing a few blog posts on interesting tourist attractions around Kuantan, I think it’s only fair for me to dedicate one post on delicious food in Kuantan.

In no particular order, here are some great ‘makan’ that we had as part of the Firefly familiarization tour. I am aware that I missed out a few famous ‘must-try’ food like Nasi Lemak Zaman but there’s always a next trip to Kuantan 🙂

Let’s start with “MEE CALONG BESERAH”

Beserah is about 8km away from Kuantan and it took us about 10-15 minutes to get there by bus. We had our Mee Calong at the famous “Joe Warung Mee Calong & Keropok Beserah”. It’s by the roadside of the main stretch so it’s not that difficult to spot this warung.

A simple warung setup. In my food dictionary, the simpler a warung is, the higher the possibility of it serving good food.

The Mee Calong Beserah.

If you ask me personally, I would describe Mee Calong as Mee Sup + Yong Tau Foo + keropok lekor + fish ball with the noodles made by mee lidi or dry noodle sticks.

So what actually is Calong? “No one really knows. Here’s a better description of the history of Mee Calong.

A warung that comes with SOP on how to eat Mee Calong!

Not convinced with the explanation, I went to attack the ‘kitchen’ to better understand Mee Calong.

This must be one of the ‘unique features’ of Mee Calong, the Keropok Leko.

No wonder the ‘fish taste’ of the soup is so good, look at the amount of fishballs, fishcake and other ingredients thrown into the soup.

As I’m not a big noodle fan, I would give Mee Calong 7.5/10 for its unique taste and freshness of ingredients. Definitely a must try.

Proud owners of the warung.

Next up is another warung that need no further introduction to Kuantan residents.

Akob Patin House!

A normal malay Nasi campur setup but you can also request for the dishes to be served to your table.

The signature dish is of course – Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak.

What else can I say… it’s a combination of 2 of my favourite dishes, fresh ikan patin + tempoyak. I was in my own world for a good 30 minutes.

Alhamdulillah, I had the opportunity to taste the fresh ikan patin and the cooking style is just perfect. Exactly as what I had in mind when people spoke to me about Akob Patin House prior to the trip. Soft texture and smells good all the way are indicators that the fish was fresh.

Some other ‘kampung style’ dishes

Sambal Kicap + Sambal Belacan + Sambal Tempoyak


Gulai lemak daging salai.

Thumbs up! The owner entertained us well. All we had to do is to raise our left hand up for more rice. Many did not realised that I raised my hands 3 times. Yes, 4 plates of rice.

Tapai for dessert. Cannot get any better than this.

Last but definitely not least, allow me to share the delicious dinner we had at Ana Ikan Bakar Petai.

The Tanjung Lumpur stretch in Kuantan are famous for many seafood stalls but Ana Ikan Bakar is always the first one being recommended whenever I speak to a Kuantan resident.

The signature dish – Ikan Bakar or Grilled fish with Petai. Perfect combination. I’m a huge fan of petai so the addition of petai makes the fish even tastier.

Lala sweet sour. Tasted quite ok and nothing special about it.

Kerabu Mangga and Mushroom.

Ikan Tiga Rasa, suitable for those that does not eat petai or those that one fish is not enough…. like me. Hehe 🙂

Happy faces after a full day of GOOD FOOD!

Food is a a good enough reason to justify your trip to Kuantan. I can guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with my above recommendations. Bon apetit!

Instead of driving all the way to Kuantan, why not fly to Kuantan and take a short taxi/bus ride to all these delicious eating places. Firefly Airlines fly to Kuantan from Penang, Subang and Singapore – Head on to http://www.fireflyz.com.my for more details.

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