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Eilman’s Potong Jambul – The Malay Tradition

I was in Dong, Raub yesterday for my nephew’s potong jambul kenduri. A journey of 150km and 2 hour drive each way.

“You have arrived” – according to my built-in-the-head GPS. Dong is located 15km from Raub.


My other nephew.. Edy a.k.a Edy Edu Edot is now the big brother

Edy with his cousins…

The few months old Eilman Razin

The potong jambul ceremony.

Involve some dipping and touching LOL

Followed by cutting a few pieces of hair.

And Doa recital

The modern twist… Cupcakes as door gift.

Highlight of the day… Ikan Patin Buah masak tempoyak, Kambing segar and other lauk pauk kampung..

A closer look at the delicious and yummy Ikan Patin…

The father of two, my brother

The food was so good that I put away my camera for 2 rounds of Nasi and only played with the camera again once I have reached Shah Alam.


  1. Azima November 23, 2010 at 1:44 am

    Please la cupcake gambar adik tu. Annoying!

  2. magic November 28, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    makan cupcake kepala budak would be so weird. if you eat just the pipi on both sides, muka baby tu would jadi slim. heh.

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