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10 Annoying Habits of Malaysian Air Travelers

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Flying is a glamorous way of traveling and thanks to the existence of low fares from all three major airlines in the country; more Malaysians are choosing air travel as their preferred choice of traveling.

Being a frequent air traveler and an aviation enthusiast, I had the opportunity to observe many kinds of bad habits as far as Malaysian air travelers are concerned. From little annoying habits that make you laugh to those habits that can really spoil your day, below is my own compilation of “10 Annoying Habits of Malaysia Air Travelers”.

Habit #10 : “Oversize Cabin Bag” Habit

This is not new but it seems that many Malaysians have the ‘dont care’ attitude when it comes to carry on or cabin luggage. The cabin bags just kept getting bigger each day!

It’s NOT COOL to place your ‘cabin size’ bag along with your jacket, your laptop and duty free shopping bags all in the overhead compartment. Think about the others and do consider checking in your bags and keeping the smaller bags underneath the seat in front of you. Also take note that different aircraft have different sizes of overhead compartment so do a bit of fact finding before you fly 🙂

Habit #09: “The Newspaper BookWorm” Habit

It is nice that some airlines still offer newspapers for free to all passengers but it’s NOT COOL to be selfish and take all types of newspapers leaving the later passengers with no newspapers at all. I find it annoyingly amazing that some people can read 5 different newspapers in a short 45 minutes flight!

Oh by the way, you are supposed to return back those newspapers for passengers on the later flights and not simply stuffed it in the seat pocket or take it home with you!

Habit #08: “Everything Can Tapau” Habit

Speaking of taking things home, this habit is quite a scary one. I would understand passengers taking home in-flight magazines and in-flight meals but it’s NOT COOL to take home items like pillows, blankets, life jackets and safety cards. The worst I’ve seen so far is a passenger actually browsed through the cabin on a long-haul hunting for more than one pillows to take home!

Habit #07: “Rush In Rush Out” Habit

I always wonder what is the point in rushing to go in and out of the plane? Gone were the days of free seating yet people are still queuing up way before the gate opens. It’s also NOT COOL to stand up and ready to leave the plane even before the plane reaches the arrival gate after landing. Please consider giving space for the elderly and young kids!

Habit #06: “First Class Stare” Habit

Bad air travel habit reaches all level of Malaysians including the rich and famous. It might just be me but I find this next habit quite annoying. Imagine walking through the first class section to reach the economy class. It is NOT COOL to have those first class passengers to stare at the donkey class passengers like myself.

It is true that they pay more and deserve to be treated like a king but a friendly smile would be highly appreciated rather than a “blank” stare to those who can’t afford the first class travel.

Habit #05: “The LOUD Speakers” Habit

This is the type of passengers that just can’t keep it low. It’s normal to chit chat on a flight but if your partner/friend/boss is seated few rows away, please do everyone a favor and shut up. It’s also NOT COOL for those passengers that watch in-flight movies and laugh it out loudly as if they are in a cinema hall where everyone watches the same movie.

Habit #04: “The Free Seater” Habit

This is the annoying habit of changing seats without waiting for all passengers to board the plane. It’s NOT COOL to create confusion and make life miserable for everyone just because you want to be seated next to your partner/friend/boss. At least have the courtesy to wait for all passengers to board before politely asking for change of seats.

Habit #03: “The Armrest” Habit

Common sense. 2 seats and one middle armrest. It’s an unwritten rule for it to be shared and it’s annoying and NOT COOL to dominate the armrest all by yourself simply because you are bigger or first to be seated in the row.

Habit #02: “HELLO” Habit

“Hello Sayang, I have just landed in KLIA and will see you in a few minutes”.
It’s a normal phone conversation but it’s definitely NOT COOL to have this conversation over a phone call on a plane that just touches the ground. Why can’t people understand that using a mobile phone on-board is a threat to the safety of the flight? Just because the cabin crew are not looking at you doesn’t mean that you are free to do whatever you want.

Habit #01: “Can I Have Your Number?” Habit

This next habit happened in front of me so many times and it annoyed me the most. I just hate it when a guy or a group of guys make a move on a pretty Malaysian stewardess during a flight in front of other passengers. There are way too many ‘friendly’ Malaysians that believe it is perfectly ok for them to hit on the cabin crew with lame lines like “Boleh berkenalan?” and “Can I have your number?” Not to forget the “this is my card, please call me” trick.

It is true that Malaysian stewardesses are generally pretty, attractive and friendly but it is NOT COOL to subject them with all these verbal harassments. Be a true gentleman and try your luck after the flight instead 🙂


Do you have any similar experience? If you travel frequent enough, you would definitely witness 1-2 of the above during your flight 🙂 Feel free to share your experience through the comments function below.

Blue Skies ahead.

Azuan Zahdi

Malaysia's first aviation blogger. AzuanZahdi.com started in 2006 and has been my little online space where I document my travel and aviation stories. Opinions on AzuanZahdi.com are my own and not the views of any organizations I am attached or affiliated to.

  1. I totally agree with you. When i was a cabin crew with a middle east airline few years ago, i really hate passengers hitting on me. The worst was pax that can’t keep their hands to themselves!

    Good article!

  2. Good article with nice photos.

    But I dont think you have to make any generalization by regarding it as Malaysian habits. Even non-Malaysian air travelers are behaving the same, and sometimes even worse.

    Can I safely assume that you dont fly in international flights that frequently do you?

    1. Hi Jeeves,

      Thanks for the comments. I’ll take note of your suggestions for my future writings.

      I have no intention to generalize and hit on Malaysians and also not saying that Malaysians are worse. As you said rightly, 60% of my flights are local flights. I’ve flown in the US and Europe and these habits are there as well. It’s just that through my small observation i think these 10 habits are more obvious here.

      Of course there are those habits like getting drunk on board, bad body odour of passengers, workaholic passengers (on laptopn throughout the flight) and many stuff i’ve experienced in other parts of the world but not very much in Malaysia 🙂

      Thanks for the comments and have a nice weekend ahead.

  3. lama aku tak menyinggah kat sini. ko patut tambah anak2 buat bising. sape ada anak ramai (mcm aku) heeehehe drive le. lagi selesa, cuma kena drive je.

  4. Aninie: Betul jugak tu. Anak2 kecik kadang2 sangat la bising. Bisisng tu kira normal la tapi bila parents dia buat tak tau, itu yang rasa tensi tu! btw kau berniga tak raya ni?

  5. what is wrong with taking the newspapers, blankets and pillows? We paid bloody expensive for our FULL FARES! What is rm2 newspaper compared to that…

  6. Hahaha, great write up dude 🙂 Very true indeed. By the way, I’m organising a gathering for bloggers on behalf of Holiday Villa Hotels & Resorts, would you be free on the 26th of this month? Drop me an email ya 🙂

  7. Wait till you fly within China, i think it will deserve another article on its own. Spitting (yes, spitting) and eating kuaci (while leaving all the skin on the floor like their grandfather’s plane), talking loudly, fighting, brawling, stealing toiletries (they no longer have hand lotions on economy class on some flights). The list goes on.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I have only flown to Shenzhen and it was not too bad. but yeah it was a LOUD experience. Not stop talking as if the plane was one big house! hahaha

  8. LOL. I thought the newspaper is for us to take home. Sorry for the lack of knowledge. I would’ve put it back if only I know. Thank you for enlighten me with this post.

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