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Sensational Saturday: Ride on Harley, Fly on Jumbo – Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my Sensational Saturday blog post. If you have missed the first part covering the sensational Harley Davidson convoy across Klang Valley and the joyride, click here to re-visit the experience.

After being pampered with delicious ‘in-flight style’ meals, fun entertainment and Harley Davidson joyride, the kids were then ushered to the grand finale of the event, the 20-minutes flight around KL on-board a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747-400.

For many of the kids, it was their first time being inside a plane. Even the routine security check prior to the flight is a unique experience for them.

Boarding process

Malaysia Hospitality welcoming the VVIP aka the kids.

Excited faces…

From their first impression i can tell how impressed they were seeing such a luxury interior inside the cabin. One of the kids even told me “Bang, dekat sini lagi best dari rumah saya, ada TV and kerusi selesa” the moment she sat on a normal economy class many complained about!

Last minute good-byes from the Harley riders.

The flight begins. On top of the overhead bridge at SZB airport.

Take-off from RWY33.

It was a special flight and with clearance from the authority, the pilot flew the jumbo jet at a low but definitely safe altitude throughout the flight.

The low height gave the children a money-can’t-buy view of KL City. For this kind of KL sky tour, it can easily cost RM500 on a Cessna.

Some of the sights of KL City.

Above the Sungai Besi Airport, once upon a time the main airport for KL.

A lovely residential area.

Covering KL city at the pace of Jumbo jet is not easy. Due to the low altitude and size and speed of the plane, the crew has to make some sharp turns. For the safety of the kids, seat-belt sign were not turned off throughout the flight and only the cabin crew was allowed to roam the cabin. Even the experience crew find it challenging to move around due to the turns.

Nevertheless, Malaysian Hospitality on-board. Orange juice for everyone.

For the kids there were lots of oooohhh and ahhhhhh with occasional sound of someone throwing out. Perfectly normal for these first time fliers as it was rather bumpy as we were flying at low altitude.

A fun guy! Love the mad hat!


Malaysian Hospitality – this lovely stewardess telling the boys on how to get rid of clogged ears.

The aircraft circled around KL city before continuing for approach to KLIA. Seen here is the Jumbo above Shah Alam with the landmark Masjid Negeri. I can even see my house! 🙂

Across Sepang Gold Coast (the palm shape).

Arrival at Gate B2 with special water cannon salute. A great ending for a special flight.

The crew!

Some of the kids.

The Plane.

Leaving KLIA via busses back to their homes with 1001 memories.

Despite not contributing financially to this event, the time spent with the kids chatting and answering their questions in between shutter clicks gave me the sense of satisfaction. Charity is one of the greatest virtues of mankindand for every piece of wealth, if sacrificed in this world, results into some returns in this world or afterlife, God–willing.

A special thanks to the MasCharter team in particular Capt Nik Huzlan for the invitation and I hope to be part of a similar event in the times to come!

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