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Sensational Saturday: Ride on Harley, Fly on Jumbo – Part 1

“Hari ini hari paling best dalam hidup saya” were the exact words said by Aziq, a 12-year old kid from an orphanage in KL. Like Aziq, around 300 underprivileged and terminally-ill children from Asrama Damai Kuang, Rumah Anak Yatim As-Shakur, Bandar Tasik Putri, Persatuan Anak Yatim Kg Medan and House of Joy, Puchong had their time of their life at the “Sensational Saturday: Ride on Harley, Fly on Jumbo” Programme.

Similar to the Night to Remember event held last year, this programme is championed by MASCharter’s Assistant GM, Capt Nik Huzlan (a Harley/BMW/Smart enthusiast and btw a certified Captain as well). The beauty of this event is the fact that it combines two greatest things any children wants to experience, riding on a Harley Davidson and Flying on a ‘Jumbo’ Boeing 747.

A little background on the event:

A MAS B747-400 Aircraft was chartered to bring back Malaysian soldiers on UN duty from Lebanon to Subang Airport the night before the event. As it would otherwise fly empty from Subang Airport back to KLIA, MASCharter arranged for a “charity ride” carrying the orphans, just for them to taste a plane ride. Along with the record-breaking Harley Davidson convoy and a 5-minute Harley-Davidson joyride for each of them prior to the flight, the event really fits in as a “Sensational Saturday” for the lucky children!

Join me in re-capping “Sensational Saturday: Ride on Harley, Fly on Jumbo” through series of photos taken by me during the event.

Early start for everyone, the orphans were picked up as early as 6am from their respective homes.

Same goes for the riders; early wake-up call just for a good cause!

Early breakfast; kids getting McDonalds.

As the sun rises, more bikers came in.

Despite the large size of the participants, everything fell in nicely as planned.

The beautiful MAS stewardess manning the registration counter.

I just love the ‘style’ of Harley Riders. Very colourful…

My favourite!

Capt Nik, the man behind the programme being interviewed by MHI.

The police outriders ready to roar. Quite a number of police bikes participated providing the necessary support to the convoy.

Some of the Harley bikes.

Not to forget the powerful BMW Bikes providing the ride for media videographers and photographers.

The kids @ HDKL!

Let the ride begins!

I had bad experience on fast bikes so just like last year, I opted out for one of the busses…

….which turned out quite to be a cool experience mingling with the kids and answering many questions. One thing for sure is that most of the questions were on two things; Harley Davidson and airplanes. It was obvious that they were all excited about the event and most can be seen smiling throughout the convoy!

The 1-hour ride from Naza/HDKL – PJ – Federal Highway – Kerinchi Link – Penchala Link – Sungai Buloh – NKVE – Subang Airport.

I felt sorry for the other motorists. On a positive side, it was for a very good cause 🙂

I remember telling one of the children that they are being treated just like royalty. Even VVIPs don’t get this many police, Harley Davidson and BMW bikes as escort!

Arrived safely at Subang MAS Complex A – the main event venue.

Smiles all the way as they were greeted by the ‘kakak-kakak’ from MASCharter


Speeches by the VVIPs. Kudos to Capt Nik for a very informal speech! I like the part where he said “Uncle dari Kelantan tak pandai cakap melayu so kena cakap in English”. Very humble!

Makan time.

Entertainment by a very funny clown!

A snapshot of the bikes.

The 5-minute joyride around MAS Complex A for all the kids.

More beautiful kebaya-girls.

More goodies as the kids ready for the grand finale – the Jumbo!

“Putrajaya” Boeing 747-400 ready to serve.

It is impossible to cover the whole event in one blog post, so I have to say TO BE CONTINUED! 🙂

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