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Jakarta Trip Dec 2008

In less than 36 hours I’ll be a husband, a married man and a ‘pilot’ of a family. For the next 3 weeks, my blog will be giving latest updates and coverage of my solemnization (akad nikah) in JB, the wedding ceremony in JB (bride’s family) and the wedding ceremony in Shah Alam the week after also behind-the-scene photos and daily updates.

I hope my friends out there, especially those in the states, Singapore, Uzbekistan and Europe as well as fellow friends in Malaysia will enjoy this coverage.

It’s the beginning of a journey….

Before the marriage coverage kicks off tomorrow, allow me to share some of the “happening’s? that happened last week. I was too occupied with wedding preparations and on top of that some issues with my NDO website as well as I was told on short notice to present a paper in a Water Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia. Put all this together, and you have an extremely busy and sleepless Azuan.

The Jakarta Trip was something that happened unexpectedly as my boss was supposed to be the one presenting a paper on water quality but due to last minute commitment he asked me to fill in for him (which turns out to be a pleasant surprise).

I was nervous, my mind was 80% on my wedding but somehow I managed to re-allign my focus and to give my 110% preparing and rehearsing my presentation. To some, it may sound like a piece of cake but for me being a non-engineer presenting to 100+ engineers (who are mostly older than me), it is a challenge.

The trip started on a less-positive note, I was supposed to go to KLIA from the office around lunch time to catch the 435pm flight. The flight got cancelled due to ‘technical reason’, which I think the real reason being low-pax for both legs. I got rescheduled on 6pm flight which got delayed and only left the airport at 7pm. I was tired, nervous and do not smell good (thanks to crowd in LRT, ERL, KLIA).

My trusted hand luggage + laptop bag

Things started to get better the moment I reach CGK, Jakarta. I was met by a staff of an Indonesian Water Company who waited for nearly an hour to drive me to my hotel. What a great Indonesian Hospitality! We chatted the whole journey and from there I got the idea how huge the conference is! They are actually looking forward for my presentation being the few speakers from outside Indonesia. To add more pressure, they treated me super well and put me into this nice hotel, Club Premier Room!

Hotel Sartika

The room

The view

The excitement did not last long, I remained focus and straight away get to work whole night going through my powerpoint over and over again and pre-empting the questions. I hate Hotels with Prepaid Card WIFI! Come on…hostels now provide FREE wifi, why not expensive hotels!

The day came by and I was ready with my lucky neck tie. I presented along a deputy director from Singapore and the chairman was a director of a company in Indonesia. And yeah I am a senior exec….:P

The Panel of Speakers

The crowd

The presentation

As always, “if anything can go wrong, it will.” I emailed my presentation before I elft KLIA but in between I made lots of changes (almost half of my presentation). Before I start presenting, I copied the new presentation and I did check whether they have the latest version and they actually copied it right. However when it was my turn to present, the Murphy’s Law kicks in and somehow they actually used the old one. Luckily I survived the scare and carried on with whatever I have.

I was approached by a few of the audience later that day asking for questions and sharing experience.

I felt good. It was my first experience and I thing I survived it. Maybe not as great as other experts but it’s a good start. Who else can say good things bout me except for myself. 🙂

What is a trip to Jakarta without pretty girl GOOD FOOD!

I had this all alone, me against 15 dishes…

Of course I settled down only for a few.

And paid this much..

I love Jakarta. I love Indonesia. The people, the culture, the Food. This trip is different from my previous trip to Jakarta, but I enjoyed it in a different manner. Satisfaction? YES!


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  2. Fitri Shukri December 26, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    I’m really proud to have a fellow Malaysian like you. You handled the pressue well. Like the saying, there is always a first time. Next time I’m sure it will be a breeze giving short notice presentation.

    Yes, Jakarta is very happening these days.

    Great nasi padang you had there, but nothing beats nasi padang at 30,000 feet on board B777 Business Class (upcoming photos at Lebanon trip in MW).

    Ahem, care to show the full photo of the ah moi next to you? Oh, lupe, you’re getting married… hehehehe

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