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What do Pamela Anderson, Big Ben, Airbus A380 and Godzilla have in common?

All the above made the news for being BIG about something! Human beings in particular the ‘competitive’ (some say kiasu) Malaysians love big stuff. We built big things, we drive big cars, we want to live in a big house and a job with a big fat pay cheque every month! Realizing this fact American fast food joint, Carl’s Jr. focuses on the size factor in making a re-entry to Malaysian fast food industry.

Carl’s Jr. was once upon a time an established fast-food chain in KL known for its famous outlet in the KL Bird Park. The joint used to be competing directly with more well known chains such as McDonald’s, KFC and A&W. After exiting Malaysian, market not less than 10 years ago, Carl’s Jr. made a re-entry, this time with a new image of “SIZE DOES MATTER!?

My search for the best fast-food burger in Malaysia begins with a trip to One Utama Shopping Center; in particular the Carl’s Jr. outlet.

Joining me for this inaugural “Adik Beradik Best Burger Hunt? is my partner-in-crime brother with his Alpha 700 DSLR Camera (you can see his review here), younger sister and sister in-law and my ‘big-eater’ nephew

Let the review wallap-ing begins!

First stop, menu. Carl’s Jr. offers wide range of burger selections. From charbroiled to fish burgers, all are prepared fresh once you place your order.

Making a choice can be tricky for first timers. As for me, I simply want to taste the high-end burger in the menu so I went for the second most-expensive burger which is the Portobello Mushroom Burger. In burger world, more expensive means bigger and better food so I gave it a shot.

Queuing is easy enough as you only have to place order & pay and the food will be delivered to your table. The only thing is Malaysians tend to spend some time browsing the unfamiliar menu making the queue a bit long at certain times.

Waiting time was not too bad. Considering the burgers are freshly made, we waited for about 15 minutes before all the food arrived.

Every mili-seconds of waiting for the burger and unwrapping the burger wrap, my mind kept imagining the juiciness and crispness of the burger shown on the menu, wow yummy, I was 110% excited and super hungry.

Few seconds later, I was brought back to reality. My expectation of a nicely prepared and juicy thick burger crashed within seconds. I was served Portobello Mushroom burger “Sumbat style?. Every ingredient seems to be stuffed in between and hastily wrapped hence the poor appearance.

Really “Indah Khabar dari Rupa?

Same goes for my brother’s Famous Star with Cheese. Average appearance and packaging. They could have at least invested some money on real paper box pack for packaging of the burgers.

Let’s face it, a guy always go for look first before taste when it comes to woman food.

However, things start to look good the moment I had my first bite. I felt in love with the burger immediately. It seems like the recipe is just right and flavor of the mushroom, meat, fresh green lettuce and onions can be felt on every bite. Yummy!

Similarly the Famous Star with Cheese burger is quite tasty. The beef burger used is really good quality and has a unique taste that draws closer towards ‘home-made’ burgers. Close your eyes and have a few bites and you will forgot that you are in a fast food joint.

Besides burger, they serve bottomless drinks (soft drinks and ice lemon tea) and other side menus. Chili Beef Fries is not too bad :) For weight and health conscious people, there’s not much information on calories of the burgers but you can stick to salad or simply stay away from this place!

Ambience is quite good. Due to the pricing, you would not see people with laptops or group of students and youngsters lepaking while enjoying their burgers and making lots of noise. Carl’s Jr has a quite nice interior decorations with wallpaper and furniture that bring the mood of a typical burger joint in the US. It is so relaxing that one can take a short nap after ‘wallap-ing’ a burger

Unfortunately, in life, good things come with a high price. Same goes with Carl’s Jr burgers. The cheapest burger is at RM7.95+ and top it with a drink and fries it’s RM12.45 as the cheapest burger combo set. In order words, stay away if you only have RM10 in the pocket. I strongly believe it should not be this expensive. I cannot register in my mind the fact that a burger can cost me RM18. Not when I can get a similar burger from a real restauraunt like TGI Fridays for about the same price.

Carl’s Jr. is so expensive that customer can pay using credit card. (sigh~!!)

To be fair, Carl’s Jr’s main strength is the taste and freshness of the burger itself. Every bite is being cherished and the ambience makes it even better. The only drawback is the price. I believe Carl’s Jr will be a main contender for “Adik Beradik Best Burger Challenge? top spot simply for its taste.

How about the size? Are the burgers really that big? No. It’s slightly bigger than normal fast food burgers, but it’s not “Pamela Anderson? kind of big, but Asians love Asian size. Yes, I’m talking about burgers.

Overall Review:

Menu: 4 out of 5
Apperance/Packaging: 2 out of 5
Taste: 5 out of 5
Ambience: 5 out of 5
Price: 1 out of 5

Overall 3.5 out of 5

Tummy Thumbs up!

Coming soon: Leg 2 of the challenge. The search continues….


  1. Chili Beef Fries is a side order then??
    So huserk can still order a set right? XP

  2. wohhhhhhhhhh hahahahha
    dah la burger ni mahal!
    hahahha.and huge burger!!
    how many calorie ni??? hahah

  3. Once in a while, sekali sekala boleh la mampu hehehe

    Calorie…lots of it. been jogging and exercising to offset the calories from these bruger reviews

  4. You should try The Daily Grind at Bangsar Village I. Jom suruh bos belanja sana….

  5. Jom….makan free on jer…

  6. wow… looks delicious. the menu is useful for me =] will visit calrs junior one day (=

    • bon apetit!

  7. What a nice review for Carl’s Jr. I like your photos which show how tasty the burger is and a good sharing here. Please help see another review at http://malaysiafood.org/carls-jr/ Thank you



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