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Part 3 of Aceh Adventure: The Light Side of Banda Aceh

After looking at the effects of Tsunami in Part 1 and the Fun part of the trip in part 2, this part 3 is a simple photo journal post of the lightside of Aceh. If you’re interested in reading my previous Aceh Adventure post, click the link below:

Aceh Adventure:
Part 1 – Reflection of the Great Tsunami
Part 2 – Banda Aceh: Food, Fun and Sights

Indonesia in general and Aceh in specific has many things to see beyond the normal tourist sights. Being a marketer at heart, advertising and promotion collaterals always caught my eyes wherever I go. This post covers “What I Saw? in Aceh and captured by my friend’s cool DSL-R.

A common sight in Banda Aceh Airport (BTJ) is people selling and offering you something. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are lots of people in Aceh who live in a very basic condition and can be considered living in poverty. The bright side is you don’t see people begging for money, instead they sell you something.

This guy is selling: Jackfruit! And he’s unique way of promotion, cut the fruit out, let the appearance and the good smells attract the buyer!

Then came this guy, selling mangoes. His selling strategy is simple. Know the customer and set the right price. He knew we are from Malaysia and he went “Take everything for RM10?. He’s willing to take our stronger Ringgit compared to Rupiah. Oh btw RM10 is very cheap for all the mangoes!

Bus anyone?

Foreign player starts coming into Aceh hospitality and tourism business

Our own Air Asia is also advertising its flights to KL. Note that Air Asia are seen as a world class, modern airline by the locals and treated as champion for finally introducing a direct flight to KL. All this while Aceh people preferred Penang as they have direct flights to Penang. Kudos to Air Asia for the direct flight!

A common sight in houses. Parabolic Dish. Oh yeah they have ASTRO Indonesia as well

Milo anyone? Local language on most billboards and ads as not many locals speak English.

Western Brand adopting Local Flavour. Colgate in Malaysia has Kayu Sugi, Marlboro in Indonesia has Cengkih!

A very specific notice telling the restauraunt customers of moving to new address. I like the + – bit, very cute.

Susu Kedelai anyone? This soya bean is made in Malaysia.

A friendly reminder

The ferry jetty

A common thing to see in Aceh. NGOs and UN bodies. One day this sight will be gone.

Do you feel important?

In Indonesia, the delicious Sup Ekor is called Sup Bontot. Don’t worry; Bontot is not Ass as we all knew it. Technically it is but you know what I mean.

I love this place!

Next Part 4, a brand review of flying Air Asia from KL to Banda Aceh and back.


  1. Nahar April 13, 2008 at 2:00 am

    Hey. Nice things you wrote about Acheh. But you’ve missunderstood the words “yang tidak berkepentingan”. In bahasa Indonesia, it simply means someone who is not having anything (important) to do (with them).

    And… Buntut means ekor. But please don’t confuse yourself with the word butut (old).

    Suke nyer kite dah ade direct flight ke KL la. Tapi lagi best kalau AirAsia juga buat penerbangan Banda Aceh ke Penang, pasal kita dah dulu lagi kenal Penang daripada KL.

  2. azuan April 13, 2008 at 8:39 am

    Hi Nahar,

    Thanks for your comments. I stand corrected 🙂 thanks

    Sup Buntun is famous here in Malaysia as well especially in Indonedian and Nasi Padang restauraunt in KL.

    I heard rumours Air Asia is starting the flight from PEN-BTJ as there are huge community of Acehnese in PEN.

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