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Part 2 of Aceh Adventure: Banda Aceh: Food, Fun and Sights

In this second part of the Aceh Adventure, I’ll take a look at the Food, Fun and Sights around Aceh. This will be a more photo-driven post compared to the first part. Click here to read the first part.

For a start, allow me to promote the hotel that I stayed for the two nights I was in Aceh. Hotel Medan is a one-star hotel located right in the middle of the town. The 4-5 storey building was hit by the tsunami (see my previous post) but it was refurbished and brought back to service. When I went there, the construction work was still going on.

The good thing is the hotel cost me only RM72 per night for a room with twin bed. Come to think of it, it is CHEAP considering the basic amenities offered such as towel, clean bathroom, 2 bottle of water, bar soap and tissue. There’s also free cable TV with more than 10 channels including TV3 of Malaysia. Not bad for a RM72 room. Internet is available for free if you have a notebook as wifi is provided at the hotel lobby. Alternatively you may use the single desktop at the lobby form RM3 (Rp 10,000) per hour.

Eating is definitely in the “Things to Do? list for every visitor to Aceh. I am a fan of Indonesian food but the beauty of Aceh food compared to the one I had in Jakarta is the cheaper price as well as the taste which is more home-cooked oriented.

The Nasi Padang meals are usually served by putting every single dish they have on your table and you eat whatever you want to. They will charge you only for the dishes that you eat. Interesting concept really! Three plates of rice most of the times for me!

Can’t miss The Botol when you’re in Indonesia land!

Lontong is another good meal for breakfast besides Nasi Gurih (similar to Nasi Lemak)
Note that most of their restauraunts or Rumah Makan are old and not that clean but you will find most of the workers wearing proper uniform.

You’re an Acehnese if you can eat this! Yes I tasted it before and it’s not that bad… It is really clean as it is taken from the inner layer of the skin not the outer and expose layer.

Another famous Aceh dish is Ayam Tangkap. It is called Ayam Tangkap (Catched Chicken) simply because it is freshly fried and only uses naturally breed chickens (Ayam Kampung as what we called it in Malaysia).

This is how it looks like. Ayam Tangkap.

In between visiting relatives and tsunami sites, I had the opportunity to do other tourist things. One of it is visiting the one of the beaches. Quite a nice beach with decent waves. I even saw few people carrying surf boards. For me, just a nice coconut and enjoy the sand and view.

I also had the chance to test out Aceh’s style of ‘Starbucks’. My relative who came to Malaysia last year and got introduced to Starbucks in Shah Alam claimed that Aceh coffee is much better. After tasting it, I completely agree….. While having coffee and tea at Solong Coffee me and my friends were approached by a local radio, for a short interview on man vs woman topic. Quite nice 🙂

Oh yeah..the whole 5 cups of coffee/tea and 4 plates of light delicacies cost us as much as ONE regular drink in Starbucks.

Acehnese are very friendly people. Yes I have Aceh blood and I speak their language but the bottom-line is they are very friendly and all you need to do is just smile and be friendly to them. They do treat people from Malaysia with pride. During one of the night I visited a family in a quite rural area for dinner. I was surprised to find out the whole neighborhood came to the house just to have a glimpse of how Malaysians look like and each of these neighbors who I barely knew brought along something from fritters to fruits as a gift. They might not have much money but they do have lots of values.

Coming soon this friday, Part 3 of Aceh Adventure!

p/s: Special shoutout to Mek Na (or is it Mc Na) and good luck for your new job!


  1. Dna April 10, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    Thanks Boss..huhu..
    Mek Na or Mc Na, whichever la haha ;P

  2. azuan April 10, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    You’re most welcome 🙂 yng penting nama Boss tu kena remain hehe

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